Development trend analysis of stage lighting; new technology brings 5 big changes

As an important part of stage art, Stage lighting has been pursued to achieve the desired artistic effect. Therefore, the selection and configuration of stage lighting is especially important. In the past, the configuration of lighting has a wide range with high power, low luminous efficacy and single function.

In recent years, with the huge market demand and developed R & D technology, Outdoor Led Par Cans companies have made remarkable progress and development. No matter in the lighting function, performance and quality, or in the product design, new applications and energy saving technologies, they are gradually approaching or beyond the foreign brands. With the development and advancement of technology, the development of stage lighting, will have the following trends:

2R 130W beam moving head super stage light

1.The total power of lights will decrease

Under the premise to meet the application requirements, the total power of the night club party light will be minimized, which can not only save energy, reduce the cost of the cable and construction, and more importantly, can avoid excessive power caused by a variety of security issues.

2. Luminous efficacy of the light will be higher

Luminous efficacy depends on two factors, first, the light source, due to the use of new advanced technologies and process, new light source luminous efficacy is high; Second, the hardware and software design, selection of high-quality accessories and sound software design, will lower electrical, electronic and other parts of the power consumption, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the lamp.

3. The lamp will be get more full-function development

The features of previous fixture is single, in the same studio, you need to configure more lamps. Not only there is a large investment, but also it will increase the difficulty of construction and maintenance costs are also higher. The use of full function products can make aforementioned problem solved.

5x1012w rgbw led 4-in-1 blinder light

4.The intelligent degree of lamps and lanterns is higher

Real-time monitoring of temperature, the temperature of the lamp can keep abreast of the situation; Under the premise of ensuring the heat and reduce noise, Multiple safety protection, built-in temperature switches, temperature sensors, wind speed detection, electronic ballasts work status detection can ensure safe use; Automatic light shut down power, low temperature, not aging parts, more durable.

5. led waterproof outdoor lamps are more humane.

To develop friendly interface, intuitive and simple menu, more operational; Touch screen and keys can be used simultaneously, quick operation; Built-in lithium battery, when not powered, also set the address code and other parameters; Lighter weight, easy handling, construction safer; Via XLR, cable blocks and other direct upgrade program.

7-4in1 10w LED RGBW Stage Moving Light

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