Development situation and analysis of high-power laser equipment performance market

1. Laser devices’ performance in the entertainment market

Due to the various pricing levels of laser equipment, a lot of lighting rental company or professional laser equipment rental companies stocking is not available, which often causes big divergence from original thoughts of the show’s organizers. Currently a laser equipment rental company can be considered large-scale if it can prepare to four to eight high-power green laser equipment. The lasers rental companies often used are continuous laser Q-switched lasers, which are more suitable for industrial processing, not for show purposes (pulse power is too high, prone to injury accident), but people choose to use it due to the cheap prices. Few rental companies will use high-power semiconductor DPSS lasers. Fewer laser equipment companies are equipped with 4-6 units of 15W or larger power lasers.

Meanwhile, in the performance market, few people are able to master laser effects programming in large-scale performance. Often simply edit some light effect with DMX512 console only, instead of making full use of special laser effects on the stage. It is the reason why the rental price can not be improved. It can not be used as a new stage effects to fully demonstrate, so it is downgraded to the same level of other stage lighting. If stage laser lighting effects programmers can put lightings, large LED screen and sound together to be showed perfectly, then the stage will be showing gorgeous and amazing, which can be fully demonstrated the theme of the show. It will play a good market promotion role in performance market.


2. Technical state of laser equipment

With the development of semiconductor DPSS technology, output power of laser is also rising, the size smaller and smaller, optical efficiency higher and higher. Currently output power of single green laser can be 20W, which has been able to meet the needs of a large-scale outdoor performances. The output power of blue and red laser is also able to be more than 10W. This makes it easy to produce 40W RGB laser devices, which will greatly increase the theatrical effect on outdoor performances.

Semiconductor DPSS laser cooling method is air-cooled, which is convenient in use. At the same time, its power is relatively compact, and can achieve fast switching (high-speed modulation, to achieve projected beautifully animated, text). In this regard, the domestic CNI company is in the forefront of the industry. Its high power DPSS products can work very stably and reliably under ordinary conditions of ventilation, which can meet the vast majority of applications require in laser performances. The wavelength of conventional Q-switched lasers is only 532nm (green). Because it is a pulsed laser, the instantaneous power can reach the kilowatt, which is very prone to cause similar Russia’s laser wounding and permanent eye injury. This laser use inner loop water cooling method. You need to configure a circulating water cooling machine, but it is bulky and trivial. Because the laser is pulsed at the same time, the visual light is not as same as semiconductor DPSS laser (relevant with pulse frequency and the width ratio). Due to the restrictions of pulsed laser technology feature, it can not achieve fast switching (modulation) on the power supply, so that the laser projection effects are largely limited (projected text is dashed text).

In the laser device, big lens high-speed galvanometer which is suitable for high-power laser machine has been very mature. The Lenses used are high damage threshold of broadband high anti lens, which are enough to withstand prolonged exposure to a single beam of light of existing high-power lasers. At the same time, scanning speed of galvanometer is constantly improving, making the projected animation, text become possible, and it also extends the application of large-scale laser equipment in the future of advertising.

professional DJ equipment DMX controller stage lighting

3. Laser equipment in the performance market development direction

a、Miniaturization of the device

Due to mobility requirements of performance equipment, for miniaturized laser equipment used, mobility, quick disassemble have certain requirements. Without compromising performance, reducing the size and weight of the equipment as much as possible is in order to meet the performance characteristics of the scene of installation. At present, the volume of semiconductor solid-state lasers DPSS also constantly decreasing, and its power efficiency is improving. Appropriate size and weight of the power supply has also been reduced to meet the requirements of small laser machine equipment volume. But other parts of the volume and the whole machine structure have to be done continuously optimized, which makes the structure more reasonable and compact.

RGB gobo  led mini moving head light

b、Protective measures of the device when used outdoors

Due to the characteristics of live performances, you need to install the equipment to adjust and try in advance in the site, and comply with rehearsals, until the end of the show. In this process, the laser equipment installation can not be moved, and may be out in the sun and rain, so this requires a laser device itself protective measures to be comprehensive and effective, to ensure the natural environment outdoors.

c. The laser effect linkage editor laser device is a special visual product, as the final performance results based on the perspective of the audience to watch, the effect is good or bad which decides the application of this product are widely used. In general the show has at least two sets of laser equipment, or more than six to eight or even more. This linkage effects on multiple devices require much higher than the effect of a single unit. The effect of the editorial staff needs to have a broad perspective, rich imagination, while the programming software to be very proficient. This is to demonstrate the effect of the core laser show. Editing laser effects requires both stage design experience, but also to understand the special nature of laser show. Meanwhile, it needs complex knowledge-based workers who are very familiar with the laser software. Currently professionals in laser effects editing is very scarce which also makes large-scale laser equipment market to promote the show suffered considerable constraints. It also makes quite a large laser equipment restrict in performing market promotion.

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