Definition , the role and review of Stage Light

The art which adopts all kinds of stage lighting for the stage, for the characters, and scenery modeling, is also known as Illumination of Stage. Its role is based on the performance requirements and overall conception of stage art ideas, plus the use of stage lighting technical equipment and cooperating with performers to shape the visual images on the stage.

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The role of Illumination of Stage in the modern stage lighting performances: ①Lighting performance: making audience see performers and the image of the scene clearly; ②Guiding vision of the audience; ③Creating characters, express feelings and show stage illusion;④Creating the need of play space environment; ⑤Rendering the play atmosphere; ⑥The display of LED White Beam Moving Head Light performance show and empty conversion, highlight the dramatic conflicts, strengthen arena rhythm, and rich artistic appeal. Sometimes it needs to cooperate stage special effects.


In modern performances, there is greater plasticity and controllability in Beam 15CH Moving Head Light Fixture intensity, color, lighting distribution area, lighting movement and so on. Stage artistic effect grows to display with the progress of the show and the stage constantly changing atmosphere. Stage lighting is a combination of space art and time art and the historical development of stage lighting is closely connected with the evolution of drama and the progress of science and technology.

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Stage lighting control system should effectively control and deploy all fixtures and produce harmonious artistic effect. It consists of three parts: power distribution board, dimmer and console.

Stage lighting design is mainly based on the screenplay, the requirements from director and the overall vision of stage art to draw RGBW LED Moving Head Beam outlet and arrange specific technological work. Lighting design should be able to use a variety of modeling tools to adapt to different styles of performance, for example, some performances require realistic style, while others require abstract, impressionistic mood or metaphor.

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