Deficiency in LED stage light application depth and the key is talents training

With LED lighting technology continues to evolve and mature, the price of LED stage lights also fall and plus the growing entertainment industry, LED stage lights market has good prospects for development. Within the next few years, LED stage lights market is expected to growth at around 20%.

The application depth is not ideal compared with the normal illumination lighting. But Stage performances need a lot of LED products. Getting rid of the advantages of energy-saving longevity, LED also has the features of small size, rich color conversion and other features. As we all know, the demands of the degree of intelligence as well as colorful lights on stage performances are very high, which coincided with the advantages of the LED fit. Although the prospect of LED waterproof outdoor  stage lights is rather broad, now its application degree in terms of on the stage is not particularly wide. Performing arts industry’s demand for the LED products is in insufficient status. However, the LED business providing the supply for LED stage lights either species or functional requirements is lower than applications needs.

2w BIue Iaser lighting equipment

It is understood that the scope of choreography includes both stage lights and landscaping and clothing performance required. In terms of LED stage lighting, there are mainly LED par lights, LED effect lights, Led Beam Moving Head Light  and LED strobe lights. But in landscaping areas, LED screen still plays important role. In the aspects of stage background, stage props and stage costumes, the current way is still the combination using of lighting, landscaping lighting lights through a lot in order to achieve appropriate results. With a lot of landscaping lighting, it can achieve wonderful effects.

15W rgb laser light show

Poor communication restricts the development of lighting

Customer groups of LED stage lights are mainly the director. LED lighting is designed and produced according to the requirements of director. As the director of the whole activity, the primary concern they have is the final effects of the entire program. It is understood that, compared with ordinary lighting, prices of outdoor led par can stage light are relatively high. Prices varies a lot in the application, from dozens to thousands dollars.

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