Deficiency in LED stage light application depth

From the point of expressiveness, in the choreography, props and costume design is directly proportional to its price. Different from electronic products, LED products have been somewhat attributable to the art products. It includes the creation of the designer and is difficult to measure the performance of the product itself by price. The main aspect director concern is the performance of product. Price is not a major factor causing the application of LED Beam Moving Head Light in the stage. Stage performing arts industry needs to show a lot of different design inspiration. For the director, they do not understand LED lighting design, but the overall effect LED has shown, they have an intuitive feeling and can know immediately whether this can meet their needs.

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For event designers, they will purchase related LED products according to overall requirements. In this process, whether companies can provide a solution of detailed analysis of the luminous efficiency of LED Spot Moving Head Light  to designers is an important factor in attracting designers. For general lighting, the product brightness is the primary concern. As for the LED stage lights, the color requirements of the product is very high. We also tried a lot of domestic lamp beads, from a professional point of view, although their colors are very bright, but the color brightness is not enough. This problem is particularly evident in the display field, maybe it has a relationship with the package.


Talent training is the key point.

Stage designers believe that LED luminous efficiency of production of the goods hard to reach their demands, so the majority of the LED manufacturers are caught in the desire for LED design talents. Lack of design talent once plagued the entire industry. Different from LED lighting products, LED Moving Head Beam light stage lights as a product linked with the art, their design requirements for the product is very high. For designers, it is necessary to understand the stagecraft but also to understand LED technology, also need to understand the relevant knowledge of electronics. At present, the development of the LED itself is very well, but at the application level does not get enough development mainly because of the homogenization of products in the industry too serious. The price difference is too obvious, which to some extent hinder the promotion of LED.

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