Dance hall generally requires a large space, especially the height

Large Dance Hall

In the form of dance halls, it has both the nature of professional performances and Kara OK or ballroom features. Its mode of operation is more focused on high and professional level of artistic performances and concerts. Dance hall generally requires a large space, especially the height. Stage performances are relatively independent and completed. Some have even installed a complex activity stage and revolving stage. Dance hall has all kinds of performances, like drama, comedy, dance, solo, chorus, etc. Different types of programs and different music all require to have different lighting effects to heighten their atmosphere, which gives the lighting control, LED waterproof outdoor lighting design space to be considered.

professional light equipment moving head

The basic light

In order to let the audience see the stage and shows clearly, a basic lighting should be given firstly. The basic lighting includes uniform white and colored light illumination. The basic white lighting is a must, but has no high requirement on illumination. Especially in the climax of some performances or some special performances (such as magic), basic white outdoor led par can stage light is particularly important. The basic light is overall atmosphere of the stage. It determines the tone of the entire lighting effects, passionate, romantic or melancholy. When choosing lighting, spotlights should be put in front of the stage. Lights obtained by adding filters should not be too deep. In the top or back of the stage, spotlights or searchlights are generally used. The light projected to the body can be a little brighter and stronger.

Figure light

Basic white lights help group performing and large areas of lighting solutions. Chasing lights solves local lighting, so it’s best to prepare 2-3 sets of track lights, dealing with different occasions. Team or other relatively fixed performers should be projected by beam spotlights.

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Background light — dance hall performers will vary and change, and each time changes are due to the need of beauty or program. Background light is just the right thing to make all these background stand out, to integrate them into the show to go, contrast theme. Common backlight has sky lights, curtain lights, beam lights, etc.

Basic effect of light – composed of directional beam lamp, with a three-dimensional shape of beauty, various bright colors. Modeling can be freely combined or changed by stage lighting engineers.

Special effect light – because of its superior performance and kaleidoscopic effects, is the best special effects lighting. But scanners are expensive, it must be considered to ensure the basic premise of the basic light effects. Also, due to the use of led outdoor par can lights, you can reduce the number of basic effects light. At the same time, due to the use amount, can relatively reduce the number of basic effect lights.

Lighting console — above all the need for a variety of lighting control its brightness, generally adopts thyristor device control. When selecting lighting console, should use strong effect function, controllable number of loops and easy operation console type products. Budget permitting, the best selection will be computer console.

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