Common LED beam lights use a dedicated condenser cup

Due to a large number of unwanted shade is blocked, colored light emitted is quite weak. Especially the commonly used blue light, its spectral located end of the visible spectrum, due to the characteristics of the human eye, they are particularly insensitive to both ends of the spectrum of visible red and blue-violet. A lot of the human eye is sensitive to block off the light, the luminous efficiency of the lamp is even lower. Meanwhile, in order to prevent high temperature fade color filter, a color filter for a large number of infrared transmission spectrum component. On the blue color filter through the short wavelengths of blue at the same time, there are some red lights through the long wave band. Thus, by adding former incandescent blue filter only way to get Blu-ray brightness decreases, the color is not pure, it is difficult to make the gaffer satisfaction.

54-3w led par light

Similarly, the improvement of people’s aesthetic standards makes light art display and has a broader stage play. At the same time, Stage Wash Par Can Uplighting technology development and progress has never stopped. With the development of high technology, the popularity of digital technology and network technology, lighting technology unprecedented glow of vitality: From the early single tungsten to the current gas discharge lamp, laser lights, different light effects, a variety of advanced light fixtures; From simple structure stage back light to do now complex movements and transform the computer different patterns moving lights and other lights of various effects; From the previous circuits and functions are not many analog dimming console can now powerful global synchronization networked digital computer dimming Taiwan. These are improvement and innovation carried out by lighting technology in order to meet the growing demands of art lighting and more performance practices.

New starting point of LED stage lights in China market

Currently, we often use mixing mode of multi-stage lighting by combining red, green blue and white LED tube. LED Par can stage light lamps can be used for stage lighting, thanks to its Energy efficient, bright brilliant color, long life and other advantages.

200W sharp beam stage light

Energy efficiency

In the middle of the cup is a convex lens for focusing the convex light beam into a parallel beam. And when the LED emitted light beam enters the side of the cup of the inner surface of the converging, it refracts backward through the condenser and reaches the outer side surface of the cup. Since there is a certain angle between the outer side and the inner side surface of the cup, when the light reaches the outer side, the angle of the outer side surface of the light will be larger than the critical angle. Therefore, it can no longer refract only by producing total reflection from the front exit. After a reasonable design, the beam will become parallel to the lamp axis parallel rays.

Bright brilliant color

In the stage show, the lights should be used as stage sets, props, costumes dyed, or to create a particular atmosphere stage. There is extensive use of colored light on stage. Compared with the currently used colored stage lighting, LED Stage Light performance is better than conventional light sources in terms of color. In past, stage lighting is the use of prior glowing lamps with color filter paper or other methods, i.e., to block unwanted lights and let needed light through.

48 pcs 3 watt leds DMX512 LED stage light

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