Creating the overall atmosphere of the wedding

Before opening and after the wedding, romantic lighting effects need to highlight. Both of the processes, the use of amber, pink, gold lights should be more often instead of incandescent glare. Not only they are colorful, beautiful and soft, but also you can create a space effects and changes in mood. Also it should be appropriate to dim the lights, put all the lights dim percentage to about thirty, and create a harmonious environment overall comfort. You can make a bottom-up and soft DJ lighting led par light illumination on the roof of the hall, which is much more than from direct light downward pleasant. If the light is projected directly on the people’s face, guests will have the feeling of glare, producing a sense of space cramped and oppression. Finally, do not forget the master—candles which also heighten the atmosphere. In the middle of each table with a tablecloth color setting several exquisitely candlestick or candles, soft candlelight cast faint shadows under, showing graceful romantic wedding atmosphere.

18x10w 4IN1 led par 64 rgbw dmx

Lighting is a very important element for a brilliant wedding.

Match the color of the wedding, lighting is a very important element, the good use of lighting is directly related to the effect of site effects and post-image. Today, the use of the wedding Stage led par 3in1 RGBWA DJ lighting led par lights have not simply limited to chasing light, along with the couple calling for a high demand for a wedding, more and more wedding moving toward specialization, stage direction, the wedding has been increasingly more like a variety show, so for the new couples the requirements for lighting gradually increased.

Lighting Differences between light show and the TV recording

The evening light generally is on the basis of the scene to the choreography, according to the main body of program design. Stage light ratio, color, illumination are designed for the audience to watch the show design.

Gaffer will have to pay attention to the difference between stage performances and light ratio, color temperature, taking into account the multi-camera shooting to design to meet lighting solutions for TV filming.

36-18W moving head wash stage light

1. Differences between live performances and television shows

Live performance is a direct speech to the audience, so the most direct recipient is the human eye. TV viewers see filmed live picture instead of real scene human eyes see directly. Directors try to reproduce the scene by switching different machines and different views. For television, the audience is also an actor, a part of the TV screen.

2. Theatrical lighting and television lights require different.

Stage performance emphasizes sense of the scene and the atmosphere. Perception of the human eye to light is wide, which can identify faint light. TV lights need some light illumination and light ratio to spread the light evenly. When considering the full range of lights, in conjunction with the technical characteristics to get more detailed lighting is needed.In recent years, with the development of science and technology, high-definition broadcast technology has been widely used, greatly reducing the requirements for the degree of control. The average illuminance of led par light is controlled within 500LX and light ratio is controlled in 7: 1, which have good picture effect regarding the screen shot of tone, color and tonal gradations.

15R 330W sharpy beam moving wedding stage lights

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