Creating Professional Lighting Brand with Innovation and Quality

In the early 1990s, professional lighting just started. The quick development of cultural performances market and entertainment venues like karaoke OK, KTV, dance halls directly led to the first rapid leap in this industry. After the 2008, China hosted the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo and many other world events, which directly lead our professional lighting and sound industry into a new peak. The emergence of a large number of outstanding domestic lighting enterprises made Chinese manufacturing to China creating.

Baiyun District in Guangzhou City is an industrial park, gathering manufacturers from all walks of life. Every year, a large number of industrial products walk to the whole country and even the whole world from here. BOMGOO stage lighting factory is located in the industrial park. Moving Head nighclub DJ Stage Light from BOMGOO are transported to other places in various venues, like theaters and bars and clubs, creating the beauty of the world of light and color. Meticulous quality and innovation capability of independent research and development are the soul of BOMGOO lighting products.


Bomgoo can complete large-scale performances with zero failure and professional tested.

In the evening of May 1st, Guizhou Snow Oktoberfest, there is a thousand square meters large Grande Punto where people gather together here to enjoy a holiday feast of beer, with clear vision of gorgeous stage sound and LED Moving Head Beam light com-binations. Under the shinning of colorful blurred lights, it is full of Carnival sense. When t e light beam is reflected on the stage and the hard-working performers and the audience revelling in the excitement, few people noticed the tension behind the scenes manipulation of lighting engineers.

dj lights platinum  beam spot light

For a party-style carnival party, the lighting performance is particularly important, which can directly mobilize people’s emotions and excitement live fiery atmosphere. Therefore, from the beginning of last September, Oktoberfest organizers began looking for the right lighting manufacturers across the country. At that time a total of eight domestic successful manufacturers take part in the competition, and the Yellow River is one of them. After three months of competition in the early rounds, Yellow lights become one of the four manufacturers in the second round selection. Later, the staff of the organizers also has three times field trips to the Yellow Light, who have a specific understanding of every production process and technology of the Yellow lamp fixtures. After a long and rigorous inspection program, Yellow lights eventually impressed the organizers with the overall strength of the organizers and become the final winner in the end. Oktoberfest in the snow, and also there have been some rather “thrilling” story. Due to the scale of the show is very large, needs a total of more than 300 sets the stage lights, including more than 100 units Moving Head Professional Stage Light and 220 units outdoor led par can

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In Snow Oktoberfest, there has been some rather “thrilling” story. Due to the scale of the show is very large, needs a total of more than 300 sets stage lights, including more than 100 units beam light and 220 units LED Par Light. On May 1 at the show is about to begin, but due to logistic delays, all the stage lights was transported to the site until April 30. This means that from light installation and commissioning to the formal performance there is almost no rehearsal time. In general, a large show, the lighting needs to be installed ahead of two or three days for debugging, programming, in order to ensure the reduction of errors in a formal show.

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