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On the stage, all the colorful, unpredictable lighting effects in the dance hall stems from various forms of professional lighting. Early lighting equipment is extremely simple, there are spotlights, downlights and some heavy turn machinery DJ Stage Light. With the development of technology, there are some voice-controlled machinery which could change color and the projection angle. But those are separate actions and can not be uniform. Until the 1980s, computer moving light fixtures came out by a combination of lighting technology and computer technology together.

Flightcase for stage light packing,

Computer moving light Fixture itself is equipped with a micro-computer circuit, which can accept the signal emitted by the console and transform it into an electric signal to control the mechanical parts, to implement various functions. Computer Moving Head Beam light Fixture is a kind of newly lamps which incorporate advanced optics systems, precision mechanical systems, and accurate computer control system. With its high brightness, pure colors and rich patterns occupy the mainstream position in many performances and entertainment occasions.

Many Stage Lighting  manufacturers have their own controller for their brand. Such controller is difficult to control other brands fixtures. Although the computer lights all accept DMX512 international standard signal, but they are not able to achieve common objectives. For computer lights, they usually require to be set the address code and function code, which is to name channels with different numbers. For ease of operability programming, it needs address code set according to characteristics of the console and the lamp. Usually the start code is 1 with a few exceptions. As long as the address code has no conflict and the console channels are enough, we can put all the lights to be set to 20 or more channels.

high bright movingheadlight

Currently no matter it is variety show, large music concert or small performance, lighting has become irreplaceable for creating stage effects. Lighting has a wide range of variety. In addition to the traditional back light, spotlight, there are also effect lights and computer scanning lights, color lights and moving head lights. As can be seen, the effect lights have included computer lights. When we being in the show, entertainment, the strongest stage effects will stimulate our senses, so be it drama performances or concerts, scene lighting effects played a better contrast and rendering.

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