Comprehensive method of lighting

Arranging the main auxiliary light backlight, then it can establish the basic lighting light. However, in order to create more comprehensive and better lighting effects, also need to use more of the auxiliary light source. One of the important auxiliary light sources is background led par can light, also referred to as a set. In addition, there are other lights to satisfy the needs of the various local lighting like decoration light and eye light, etc.

(1) Background light for illuminating the subject and background ambient light. Through the explanation to the environment, it can highlight the main body, background and explain the relationship between the body and the environment and enhance the space sense of reality. At the same time it can manipulate and influence the audience to understand the scene of the time factor and the perception of the picture tone. For example, it can show the performance of bright daylight or dark night or bright melancholy emotional or emotional characteristics, etc.

stage moving head light

Astigmatism lamp can be used in the environment of the whole lighting or flat background illumination and the spotlight is used to illuminate the local area, background of a strong light and shade levels. Using the ambient light should be paid attention to avoid the main lighting effect, the influence of background light intensity is 1/2 or 3/4 of the main light. Too bright background will diminish the relative brightness of the foreground subject, causing distraction.

(2) Decorative Light. Decorative Light is used for modifying shortcoming of a variety of light illumination or for emphasizing a particular local part. For example, lights used to illuminate the hair and produce reflective light to show features and texture of hair called hair lights; Lights used to illuminate the clothing and show some of its characteristics and texture are called clothing lights. Lights used to light props and show their characteristics and texture is known as props light. Decorative light can weaken blunt contrast between primary light and the secondary light, increase screen midtone and modify the overall effect of the light. Decorative light is suitable for emitting small LED waterproof outdoor beams. The size of the beam can be adjusted according to the modified scope. Because it is only used for local and limited modification, it should pay special attention to prevent interference from other lights, if necessary, make appropriate shelter.

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(3) Eyes light. Eyes light refers to the light that human eye can reflect in the light source. When showing facial features, in order to increase expressive effects and characterize demeanor features, you should be good at using light. Special eye light is a light with small power, soft led stage light and large illuminated area. It is used when shooting in short distance, which is enough to produce lighter reflected light spots and illuminate the shadows around the eye socket and does not affect other lighting effects. The appropriate effect of eye light is to produce a highlight spot.

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