Classification characteristics and application trends of KTV rooms lights

KTV rooms light are part of stage lighting lamps, as the level of economic growth, people’s entertainment life is becoming more and more rich. Going to the bar KTV rooms to sing song is one of the most common ways of entertainment, and general interior decoration of KTV rooms have individual needs. So there are more and more KTV room operator trying to keep up to the trend of the times by renovating or decorating part of the room. Thus this led to a kind equipment dedicated to the KTV rooms. KTV rooms lights are one kind of KTV lighting and sound.

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The Category of KTV room lights: it can be divided into one: performing Lighting, these are common stage lighting, Include moving lights, scanning lights, witches lights, Laser Lights, Pattern light, claw fish scan classes, octopus, bimonthly lantern, Promise arrows and magic ball lights, strobes, light rain, led par light, consoles, little smoke machine and so on. They play the role of creating an atmosphere. Second, the ambient lighting, there are LED lighting Mingpa lights, energy saving lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, table lamps, explosion-proof lighting, purple lights, etc. playing the role of ambient lighting effects. Third, decorative lighting, there are LED backdrop, LED channeling lights, lighting, LED guardrail tube, LED light bar, LED floor tiles, acrylic light boxes, etc., playing the role of environmental decoration.

KTV rooms Lighting Features: its feature is determined by its own characteristics, general KTV rooms light have to work continuously 12 hours every day. So the requirement to light performance will be high and KTV room lighting must be durable. Second: the personalization of lighting patterns and effects. Many KTV rooms are designed in pursuit of personalized renovations, in order to lead the trend and attract consumers.

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Commonly used fixtures KTV room: 1. laser lights. There are some laser lights specially designed for KTV rooms. Their features are long working hours, mainly focusing on falling star effects and simple patterns to create such atmosphere. 2. Strobe lights. Most are LEDs, which featured durability. You do not need to replace the lamp. It has also voice mode with strobe effect. 3, Profile stage lights, also called lanterns. There are two types. The light source of one type is a light bulb, the pattern of which is more vivid. The light source of another is LED with more regular patterns.4. Background decorative lights. There are channeling light, Star curtain, and acrylic light boxes. 5, colored lights, a kind of dimming light, are more generally for the LED light source. There are LED Par light, LED rain light, playing the role of changing the color and adjusting the brightness of environment.

Application trends of  KTV rooms. First, the growing trend of family KTV rooms requires more popularization in the lighting design, installation, Manipulation. The second is the growing trend of LED lighting applications with the advantages of low energy consumption and durability. Third, the trends of multi-patterns let customers have more requirements in lighting effects of KTV rooms, which requires us to provide professional technology, and at the same time, more appeal to the needs of public.

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