Chongqing staged romantic full-color laser music fountain

Music and laser encountered, and technology and romance integrated, a wonderful visual feast was displayed to the audience. 28 evening, Chongqing Jiangbei Guanyin Bridge officially launched the first full-color musical fountain laser lighting show system of the western district, many people have been shopping colorful picture attracted hooked.

RGB 3in1 Double-Arms LED moving head Light

Guanyin Bridge district musical fountain laser lighting system uses full-color laser technology, with a mix of laser light to medium fountain water curtain to form a fresh, exotic, gorgeous, spectacular dynamic fantasy picture. It is understood that during the National Day, night 7:30 start, full-color laser music fountain lighting system on time and meet the people. The whole system is divided into performing “Beautiful Motherland”, “off the Jiangbei,” “Underwater World”, “Dream Animation” and “colorful” five chapters.

LED Stage Light

In the “beautiful country” chapter, the musical fountain 60th anniversary of New China combined, showing the Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall and other characteristics of the screen with the nation; “Underwater World” is to show the audience the depths depicting animals and the beauty of nature in harmony; while most people’s favorite is the “dream Animation” chapter, and Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, Viking, and wolf Pleasant, Altman, Monkey King and other people familiar with the animated image, so the presence of thousands of viewers hooked.

lights dyeing shook his head lamp bar laser light

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