Chirstmas decoration stage laser show system 2W RGB ILDA Control With Mixed Color

Specification for Night club animation 2w RGB LASER for dj home party disco

● Cool System: fan
● Functions: DMX512, ILDA,Sound activated, AUTO-beam/animation, Master-Slave
● Laser Source:DPSS(Diode Pumped Solid State Laser)
● Laser power: Red 500mw,Green 500mw,Blue 1000mw
● Color: RGB
● Scanner angle: ±20 degree
● Control signal: DMX-512 international standard signal
● Patterns: 256 patterns
● Safety Capacity: Sound active mode with the function of shut-off if there is no music. Master/Slave mode, DMX512 mode, will shut off automatically without trigger signal. Safer to human and environment.

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Features for Nightclub Equipment 2W Laser Projector Stage Animation Light

1.Sound activated mode with cut-off function if there is no music and DMX512 mode will cut off automatically without signal, so it will be very safe.
2. Through scientific design of light path and reasonable spectrophotometric technology, laser display system can show effect smoothly.
3. Using central control system, system will run safety and reliably.

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