China professional lighting brand conquered the London Olympics

For the development of Chinese professional stage lighting, 2012 London Olympics is a memorable milestone. In London Olympic Games, there were so many figures Chinese companies. LED stage lighting and animation RGB laser light  stands for Lighting industry’s rising star, Dasen photoelectric with dozens successful use of exclusive domestic and international patented technology, and also rich dazzling effects and super stable quality, keeps pace with the many well-known international brands and ranks among the London Olympics lighting suppliers. That indicates that compared with their counterparts in Europe and America, China professional lighting companies have their competitiveness and the advantages. In the field of stage lighting, “Made in China” is being recognized by the world.

China lights shine the whole London Olympics


On the London Olympics, a lot of RGB full color laser show equipment applied to multiple venues in the London Olympics and lots of locations in the Olympic Village. Such as Waterpolo Arena (equivalent to the Beijing Olympics Water Cube), BBC British Broadcasting Corporation, Coca-Cola, and British Telecom and other large comanies are all in the in the luxury lounge of the Olympic Village. Water Polo Arena gives a person a kind of beautiful and elegant design, and for this design feature, BOMGOO customized its matching lighting for DJ Stage Laser light show machine. With flexible use of multiple series of Outdoor Bar and Magikpar etc, their strong waterproof performance of this series, also advanced optical technology and brilliant dyeing effect, which successfully adds a dazzling side to the night scenery of the museum.

The development of industry creates miracle; the lights of the show wins the next newcomer

In LED stage lighting industry, development speed of bomgoo ” can be described as a” miracle”. With only three years, the value reaches billions of dollars. Since six years ago Bomgoo established, it maintains a sustained, rapid and healthy growth rate of 100% -300% every year. 2011 annual sales of billions of dollars created a miracle in the industry. This is the “Dasen speed”. In the past two years, the industry generally presents depressed state, but bomgoo, like a dark horse, attracts attentions from this industry.

Stage lamps and lanterns

But the market is constantly changing. HC audio and lighting network reporter, who had interviewed Mr. Xu Faqing, general manager in Dasen photoelectric, believes that if Dasen want to continue to lead and copy the advantage of foreign markets to domestic, it must always walk in front. Now business is going very fast, but also will go longer!

Becoming the 2012 London Olympics lighting supplier could be a witness of bomgoo’s “fast and stable” development. “Product marketing and corporate culture spreading together” is the belief  bomgoo always holds. Continue to focus on LED lighting industry, to create a brilliant bright LED lights in the world and to become the world’s leading brand of LED industry, Dasen optoelectronic walk toward his goal step by step.

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