Brief talk about related points on Stage lighting in practical application

How to make lights

The most important thing for the performing arts is practical experience, therefore, people who study lighting skills, in addition to learning the theory, the use of the tools outside the classroom, must learn a great deal of practical experience which is of great importance.

The first step of stage lighting design of course —- is to read the script! But the focus of reading is different from actors. They have to practice to see scenes of the play screen and mood changes, find the turning point then turn into light rhythm, intensity and color. Because the design is a kind of very abstract performing Arts, so most designers believe that learning is the most important thing step to understand life. Paying attention and care everything in life is worthwhile. Personal life can involve study of music art history or the Chinese poetry or ancient paintings and so on. In fact, the observation and appreciation of works is very important.

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lighting design must discuss with directors, designers and make-up artists to seek a unified angle of further communication and compromise. Rehearsals certainly can not be absent. As a performer, you must be familiar with each gestures, facial expressions and eye contact so as to replace light to express emotion precisely. Except this, you must also understand the venue’s lighting, the light shape, space, height, equipment, so that design will not be unrealistic.

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Perfect performance involves in the overall co-ordination. The staff is performing with the entire arena. When the curtain rise, scenery, lighting, sound and other performances began, like a chain, without tolerating any slightest mistakes. Technical rehearsal relates to the quality of performances, and lighting plays particularly important role. He can understand the atmosphere he wants in practical exercises during rehearsal. If it is inappropriate or insufficient, then trying to modify.

In addition to some difficulties before performing, there are also some unexpected troubles during performance. Because it is a rather tedious work to operate computer switches and lighting hub in actual performances after all, so you need pay more attention to avoid mistakes.

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