BOMGOO offers complete AC and DC dimming solutions

The 19th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition from June 9th to 12th was successfully held in Guangzhou, China Import and Export Fair Complex. Juji Technology Co., Ltd also participated in this largest and most influential lighting & LED industry event.

BOMGOO LED driver IC market share ranked second in the world (according to 2014 IHS reports) now has the most complete dimming solutions in this industry. As the strong competition of  Led Outdoor Led Par Can market, lighting products made stricter requirements from specification and cost to its value. Product reliability, service life and performance in environmentally friendly energy, intelligent control and other aspects have become the primary consideration, particularly the consideration for LED lighting dimming function. “Dimming” can not only save energy by adjusting the light source brightness, but also change the color temperature according to personal preferences, creating a warm, comfortable, bright atmosphere. They abandoned the traditional habits of using lightings , so that the luminous efficiency configure can be more humane.

Cool white led par lights PAR

Compared with conventional light source, in addition to energy consumption, long life, no pollution, outdoor led par light IP65 waterproof  also has the advantages of “controllable, adjustable”. At present, the common “dimming” demand can be divided into three categories:

1. Functional adjust light: Such as conference rooms, which can help participants focus on the issues and ensure that a variety of presentations can be clearly played.

2. Upgrade the quality of life: Through interactive use of light and dark, cold and warm color temperature, it could achieve the effects of highlighting atmosphere and home lighting.

3. Energy saving and security. Such as public places, like parking lots, shopping malls, whether the use of roads regulate light brightness.

flight case (5)

BOMGOO dimming solutions with simple regulation can increase product differentiation and provide different application scenarios so as to help customers enhance the value of  led par can stage lighting products.

1. Automatically adjust brightness: drive chip MBI6911 increasing sensing resistor in the circuit is able to sense the intensity of the lamp light source, adjust the amount of light and reduce energy waste.

2. Temperature automatic balance control: Driver IC MBI6911 is designed for high-temperature environments and enclosed luminaires. Adding NTC in the drive circuit can sense temperature and progressively lower lamp brightness so as to lower the temperature and help to extend the overall lamp life.

DMX PAR Stage Lighting

3. Manual dimming control: Second Order dimming driver chips MBI6804, four bands dimming driver chips MBI6904 used in conference rooms, depending on weather conditions and briefing media, can be manually selected the appropriate brightness. In addition, dimming functions used in home situations can be switched into warm white light from cool white light.

4. Mobile sense measure: This application has been widely used in car park. When the car enters the parking lot, the sensor will response and change the 30% brightness to 100% full brightness mode. Through simple power line control, no need to adjust the original alignment, it is really convenient for facilitating construction.

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