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Sharpy Beam Moving Head Light  as an open stage lighting, we need to consider the scene rendering and live television shooting effect and other factors. Moving Head Light Products reached a whole new level on dimming frequency, light transmittance and gray level.

2014 Hot 2R Beam Moving Head Light

Whether you’re watching performances on TV or in person to experience live performances, stage Lighting Products give a shock, dizzying chaos flooded, and excitement and there will always be Led Beam Moving Head Lights.

Moving Head Light normally used on the stage, squares, Professional RGBW LED Moving Head  is a set of electronic, mechanical, optical high-tech products. However, the qualified professional moving head lights must be stable, reliable, high-efficiency, positioning accuracy, good heat dissipation, light body structure and materials comply with various requirements. Let several excellent head light products make some passionate introduction of themselves!

eight heads RGB laser show

BG-LEDM-6-10A by 6 1W or 3W high brightness red, green, blue, white LED-based light source lamp beads and the average life expectancy for each lamp beads of up to 40,000 hours. The models use up-to-date PC streamlined fashion plastic shell and unlimited RGBW color mixing system. —

Five eyes moving head light

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