BOMGOO lighting recommend Rose animation stage laser light beam

Rose animation laser uses high-speed galvanometer scanning technology, rendering animation, character, text, light and other effects. Pattern with a broken pen, strobe, rotating, rolling, move, stretch, zoom, gradually painting, speed, color and other effects, built-in 256 beam and animation design, animation can do beam performances, laser advertising, projection.

color beam led moving head

Rose animation stage laser light beam

Brand Name: Bomgoo

Model: SAM400

Supply voltage :110-220V

Power: 400mw

high power 3W LEDs DJ Lighting

Effect: radiant, butterflies swirls and space tunnel and other effects

Laser lifetime: 8000 hours


Product Description

Power supply: AC220V-240V 50-60Hz

Laser power: 400mw Rose HEXAGON

Control Mode : Sound, Auto, DMX512, master-slave synchronization ,computer-controlled

Cree LED beam moving head light rgbw DMX Stage lighting

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