BOMGOO launches animation laser lights and LED moving head wash lights

BOMGOO Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of stage lighting control equipment and products. The products are exported around the world, 50 percent of customers in Europe, enjoys a high reputation in the international industry. In addition to the many years of sales experience in the production stage lighting control equipment and products, the company has specialized in the R & D department, and is one of the few capable of autonomous control units currently, one of professional lighting and product application development and product design company .

7R Sharpy Beam Moving Head

After years of painstaking research and trial, BOMGOO Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. has been able to produce hundreds of varieties of products, the core product is the head light, DMX console, PC DMX dimmer lights, general effect of light is also very good, has CE and UL and other international certification.

Night club DMX 512 15w Gobo led mini moving head light

BG-RG-200 product specification:

Laser Type: all solid state laser, green wavelength 532nm; red wavelength 650nm.

Power supply: AC220V/50Hz

Laser power: 532nm 60mW / 650nm 150mW

Scan: High-speed closed-loop galvanometer laser graphics

Channel: 8 channels

Control: DMX512 standard signal

Mode: Animation automatic, single pattern, light voice, shading.

Function: to achieve the speed, size, combined control of various beam and animation effects.

Display effects: more than a dozen animated demo, beam effects and patterns. International Laser Display Association to achieve the set shine laser network, space tunnel, waving, etc. Nabi beam effects. Also can be customized Chinese, English, cartoons, advertising animation laser effects.

DMX512 DJ led moving head light (2)

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