Bomgoo help “South Lake CITS City” with digital imaging technology

November 17 reported, October 31, 2011, located in Guangzhou Education Road “Nanhu International Travel City” grand opening. From now on this tourist city will showcase new tourism consumption experience the majority of the people.

“South Lake CITS City” aims to create the most complete and most intimate tour supporting services. The travel industry’s first set new travel experience in one mode of travel suppliers around the world released, consulting, registration, shopping, image display, leisure, Customer Interaction etc.. It attracted more than one hundred National Tourism Administration, domestic popular tourist attractions, hotels stationed in building this, “provide ‘travel, shopping, entertainment, food’ and a series of services through the latest wave of high-tech facilities.”

To better fit the “South Lake CITS city” concept, and to build high-tech concept of the city, at the establishment of this project we decided to break the traditional format of tourism.
By introducing the most advanced high-tech demonstrate equipment and the use of the latest wave of display means, will vividly presented the world around beautiful scenery in front of tourists. Lighting and sound as the industry benchmark for corporate culture Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Li Feng (hereinafter referred to as ” Li Feng cultural and technological”) firmly grasp this core concept, and introduce many of today’s most advanced equipment in the world to this project, such as a holographic projection, drawn interactive, interactive smart tablet machine, 3D mobile corridors.

digital imaging technology

Li Feng culture and technology in the “South Lake CITS City” project, using a large amount of applications, including ROBE computer lights, digital lights, RCF audio and other world-class sound and light system equipments, providing a new technology platform to build the entire tour the city. Based on this platform, Li Feng innovatively used a variety of the world’s leading sound and light technology, such as holographic projection technology used in the external walls, show thumbnail views of the world through virtual shopping guide for tourist, and take visitors into the high-tech magic world.

The past decade, Li Feng, with its deep cultural and technological accumulation in the application of technology, innovatively applied the sound and light equipment and technological to different fields and industries.

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