Bomgoo Builds Aqua Stage

The Anniversary party for 16th Asian Games was opened in Xinshahai, Guangzhou city. On the dreamy “water stage”, many Asian singers sing together to recall the glorious history of the Asian Games. Multiple lightings return from the Asian Games opening and closing ceremonies with victory. On the anniversary party, BOMGOO lights appeared again for its excellent quality. Hundreds of moving head lights and laser show system are decorated the stage, beams enhancing each other’s beauty. With the changes of stage and program, it shows a warm, passionate, beautiful and elegant lighting effect, making the stage luxury.

At 8:00 P.M, the party starts with fireworks and music fountain. The ancient ship in the center of the Haixinsha Park slowly stepped into the arena. On the big color screen, there shows highlights of the opening ceremony of the Games one year ago. Subsequently, singers, like Yan Weiwen, Zhang Ye, Mao Amin, Wei Wei, show up one after another and sing Asian songs once more. The party has four chapters: “looking forward to this moment”, “Guangzhou is approximately”, “reunion”, “sunrise”, which is opened by four pieces of Guangzhou Asian Games songs. In addition to the Asian Games songs, each chapter also includes the singer’s classics. In the second chapter, along with Zhang Ye’s “Blue Moon of Pearl”, dozens of ladies walk onto the stage carrying red lanterns, full of soft Lingnan style; In the third chapter, in addition to the Asian Games song “reunion”, Mao Amin also brought a classic oldies “will always be friends,” making the atmosphere reach the peak.

The nearly 4,000 square meters of “water stage” in Haixinsha Park becomes the biggest spot. In the embellishment of musical fountain, the whole party is enveloped in dreamy, romantic and fresh atmosphere. Many high-tech devices like Dragon, deep water channel, shallow water stage, large color screen, giant lift and multi-layered musical fountain are all start working again.

In front of Center stage was water ballet show. The deep pool for a beautiful ship pulling can be filled with water or emptied within 35 seconds. In the first chapters, accompanied by Yan Weiwen’s “sun road”, 20 water ballet dancers swim along the water. In the following performances, they perform with the water for several times, bringing special charm of Lingnan style. Shallow water in the center stage reflects a gorgeous color screen with crystal clearness. At the time of the crowd of dancers’ out of waters, a mist appears, bring a vibrant atmosphere. Musical fountain was set in many places, such as below the color screen, the back of the stage, both side of the deep pool. With mist filled in the air, a dynamic color pattern projected on the screen, the whole stage looks pretty and dynamic.

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