Beam Lights VS Moving Head Light What is the difference between them?

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the culture, the development of the entertainment industry’s major opera house lights, the stage of construction have become increasingly demanding. Recalling the domestic market supply and buy stage lighting conditions, moving lights, beam lights front ranks. On today’s stage without a head light or beam lights, just like fashion advanced enough, then what are the characteristics of these two lamps? What is the difference between them?

15DMX Channel,LCD Wide Display Led Moving Stage Light

First, the difference in light beam.

The most important thing is to beam light beam, bright beam of light is a root pursuit beam lamp; moving lights, in fact, it should be said that the discharge pattern of light bulbs, the light beam is focused to see the final result that spot and patterns. The purpose of the two lights is different, so the application of occasions obvious changes.

Ⅱ.Different light sources, different applications

Beam lamps are metal halide lamps are discharge lamps pattern. Because the use of metal halide lamps light beam angle is small, light utilization efficiency higher, so even if the power is not very high, it can get very bright beam of light, head light because the light irradiation is tapered, so shop light area on much larger than the light beam. Let’s say a pattern of light to illuminate an adult, then a beam lights are not illuminated by a child. So light beam is applied more occasions explosive scenes, such as the opening show and a close-up when the music and dancing, with strobe and make passionate visual impact. The head light is more gentle intellectual art show, enjoy the fine sound aftertaste slow dance through different mix of colors and patterns to form soft gorgeous scenes, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere.

5R Lamp 8 prim Sharpy Beam Moving Head Light

Third, due to differences in the efficiency of light, there is a huge difference between the actual distance can be used.

Use the recommended distance light beam to 12 meters away, while the range of 5 m light pattern on it. When Reed’s workshop on real experience, the beam of light at the time of brachy therapy, it is easy to form a feeling of dizziness, light is too bright.

The discharge lamp head light would not have this feeling. So Imagine if only in a three to five meters height bars, beam lamp guests like searchlights on the head dangling, guests irradiated dizziness, there are a few people can accept it? Whether you can not accept, anyway I can not accept.

7R zoom Beam moving head light

In this case the choice is a wise choice as moving lights, beams and patterns can appear to form a good atmosphere, it will not shine guests uncomfortable, bring them discomfort. Conversely studio in a high, wide beam angle head light beam so that it is dark, the light effect can not be achieved, and this occasion should be used and the beam lights up. So use lights and head light beam according to the distance and also the effect of the actual use of the optional.

According to the majority of users , they want to use the occasion and with a single purpose, do not blindly follow the trend, with a lot of money but also get results, even counterproductive, bad.

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