Beam Light Troubleshooting

No1: no reaction when starting.

1. If power supply is normal and the lamp power cord is off.

2. If lighting fuse has burned out.

3. If the switching power supply has output voltage.

230w sharpy beam moving head light

4. First, make sure the bulb is in good condition, and then examine if there are blown with core contact and if the core itself is broken.

5. Make sure that it is in bubble state and then to see if output voltage is normal, generally 10 to 12 volts.

6. If the above two points are correct, then to see whether the PFC output (lighting input terminal) is about 380V AC, if the answer is yes, which indicates that PFC is good, so you can determine if CREE RGBW LED Beam Light Fixture  is a problem.

eight eyes moving head light 2

1、Lamp off the OSRAM LED Moving Head Light Fixture and over time it will automatically light bulb. Checking if the cooling system works properly, If the cooling system fails, will cause the lamp body temperature too high.

Thermostat switch will automatically jump to. Thus ensure the safe use of lamps. Electronic RGBW LED White Beam Moving Heads in the case closed, when the lamp body temperature decreases, it will automatically light up.

2、After Lamp off the light and does not automatically light bulbs: Bulb own problems. The bulb sphere surface was albino-like and Interior was black. Light bulb will appear some time off after the bubble phenomenon (end of lamp life)

3、In the case of absence of lighting control signal, the fixture will off the bulb for automatic protection and it will automatically turn on light after switching signal.

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  1. Our 7r sharpy wont respond to the dmx channel.Its doin its own thing as i can control the 3 others we have.Not sure why.The pan and tilt numbers flicker instead of actually usin them.

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