Animation Laser Show Series

Animation laser is a type of varieties with respect to the standard laser. In fact they have two effects as a hybrid laser; one is a classic laser effect, such as a variety of patterns and beams, but the projection of the actual laser imaging ability on the wall in which they are separated. In addition they also have an ILDA port, which allows them to used by the professional laser software such as Pangolin QuickShow, and others which can create your own custom animated images, as well as the development of complex custom patterns and beam shows. We now offer Pangolin QuickShow at a very special $100 off price as we fully believe the potential of each animation laser. And they are available in choosing multiple colors, including full-color RGB and a variety of advantages animation laser.


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Brief intro: we are the manufacturer in China, mainly product  kinds of the stage lights, like high-power moving head light, single color laser light( red, green, purple),two or four head light, animation laser light, RGB laser light, etc. Thank you for viewing our website.


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