laser light show equipment

1) Normaly, We cann’t send you the whole price list of all of our products, that is only a price protection. thank you for your understanding!


But At anytime, if you are sure you need some products and decide to purchase them from our, please tell me the model , order quantity and packing method ( packing with fly case or carton?) or your requirements , then, We can directly offer you the best price according to your order quantity for your quick decision or recommend you the best products and email you the INVOICE with our company bank account ( T/T or WESTERN UNION.) to you for your order. all in all, we will confirm all of the details with you before send the goods to you. so , if you have any special requirements, please let me know, thank you very much.


2) Normaly, we mark the lights with our own brand bomgo laser lighting. but, we also can pack them without any logo or mark them with your logo. so, if you want to mark the lights with your logo. please let me know and send the picture of your logo to me. then, we will do everything well. thank you very much.


3) even you order either only a sample or a container of our products (MOQ is 1pcs ), every product must be assembly debugging, aging process and testing ok before we send the goods with strong packing to you , If you are sure you need these products and decide to purchase them from me, please confirm the order with me in advance, because we need time to do all to ensure maximum product quanlity; thank you very much.


4) the warranty of our products is 1year . so, if you have any questions or needs, pease feel freely to contact me. because it is our duty to go all out to help you .tks.


We have many kinds of products and often have new products ( but not everyone was shown on the websites ), if you want to know more of our products.please open our website ( and have a look,then you can find satisfied products .thx.


For the payment method, you can make peyment via WESTERN UNION or T/T,thx.


Normally,if you buy sample,I can deliver it to you within 2-5days after payment received .if you order more,we always deliver the goods on please don’t worry.thx.(even you buy only a sample or more products,we should always test the product before delivery. )

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