3W–5W Full Color Stage Laser Lighting

Full Color Stage Laser Lighting

Master-Slave mode is available for more than 10 slave nits;
Sound activated mode with cut-off function if there is no music.
DMX512 mode will cut off automatically without signal,
Designed according to the security and good performance, this is safe to human and environment.

Saving scores of unit light beam effects. The sound makes displaying Association, such as radiate brilliant light, scattering splendor, slowly Rotating color fan, time and space tunnel and fairy flowers.

1.Full Color Stage Laser Lighting Product functions
a) Exquisite pattern effect:
Laser pattern effect is very beautiful, and you can get these effects by light controller: rotation, moving, wipe drawing, space-tunnel, zooming, light wall, etc.

b) Smooth animation effect
Because of the adopting of the 30k scanner, the product can show you smooth animation effect, such as animal jumping, human dancing, ect.

c) Laser Software
This product is equipped with ILDA interface.
If you had installed laser software (I-SHOW, PHOENIX, PANGOLIN), you can use the software to edit the pictures.

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