Stage LED Laser Lights (BGLE3860RG)

stage led laser light

Stage LED Laser Lights BGLE3860RG

Model Number:BGLE3860RG

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  • Can project several laser beams from the laser UFO. Laser Diode: Diode Laser/Diode Pumped Solid State Laser(DPSS).Multicolor Moving Party Stage.

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Model Names BGLE3860RG
Description 3 Claw 18W RGBYW LED Light and 150mW RG Animation Twinkling Laser Light
Feature This stunning light is an advanced combination of RG animation twinkling laser and 3 LED lights, which effects covers over 120°on the stage . Red and green animation twinkling laser can display rotating, rolling, zoom in/out, up/down/left/right movement, etc. 3 groups LED lights are consisted by 204pcs Supper bright RGBYW LEDs, which can display dynamic effects, such as pattern changing, speed controlling, strobe, rolling.
Scanning Micro-step motor scanning at big angle
Laser Green: 50mW 532nm DPSS Red: 100mW 650nm DPSS
LED 204pcs LEDs, total 18 watts (48pcs red, 48pcs green, 48pcs blue, 48pcs yellow and 12pcs white LEDs)
Play Mode Sound Active, AUTO, DMX512 (11 channels), Master/Slave
Interface 3 pins XLR jack for DMX or Maser-Slave linking
Power Supply Bi-Voltage 110V to 220V-250V, 50/60HZ, 20W
Net Weight 3.7Kg
Gross Weight 5.8Kg (inner box), 13.1Kg (outer box)
Volume Weight 16.8Kg (/5000) or 14Kg(/6000), each inner box 37.4Kg (/5000) or 31.2Kg(/6000), each outer box
Inner Box 500*440*325(0.08m³)
Outer Box 515*455*700(0.17m³), 2pcs/carton
Accessories Included: User’s Manual Power Supply Cable (UK, USA, EURO, AUS, BRZ, etc).
Applicable Place DJs, Bands, Bars, Pubs, Clubs, KTV, Family party, etc.
Customized OEM, ODM

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