5 Watts RGB full color Animation programmable laser show light for event

Model Number: BG-RGB-5000


Quick Details

  • Scanning speed:0-40Kpps
  • Operating Mode:Sound Active/Auto-Play/Master-Slave/DMX 512/PC(ILDA standard connector)
  • Laser Wavelength:G:532MW/1000mw +R:638nm/1000mw+B:450nm/3000mw

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5000mw Animation programmable laser show light Specifications

Model BG-RGB-5000 Total Laser Power 5000mW
Frequency 50-60Hz Modulation Analog > 50KHz
Beam Diameter 3-5mm Divergence < 2.0 mrad
N.W/G.W 10KG/16.5KG Packing Size 350mm*350mm*270mm
Laser Diode Diode Laser/Diode Pumped Solid State Laser(DPSS)
Laser Color Red&Green&Blue&Yellow&White
Laser Wavelength G:532MW/1000mw+R:638nm/1000mw+B:450nm/3000mw
Scan System ILDA-20-40Kpps, +/- 30degreen,max 60,000pps, X/Y Scan Angle max 60 optical
Play Mode Sound Active/Auto-Play/Master-Slave/DMX 512/PC(ILDA standard connector)

Animation programmable laser show light BG-RGB-5000 Images

  • 4500mw animation RGB laser light
  • RGB full color animation RGB laser light
  • 4500mW RGB full color animation RGB laser light
  • 4.5W RGB animation RGB laser light

 RGB full color Animation laser show light
Animation programmable laser show light
programmable laser show light

laser show light

laser show light for event
1. We have dealers in many countries, and also still in expanding our dealer team.

2. High-quality effects video are available, and the videos are from our successfully completed Project cases.

3. Beautiful lighting effects will make your amazed, and HOLD the whole live performance.

4. We have our own produced laser sources and laser sources of international brands for you to choose.

5. Our products have passed the certificates of CE, RoHS etc.

6. You can choose cartoon effect, pattern effects which you can make whatever you like.

44 thoughts on “5 Watts RGB full color Animation programmable laser show light for event”

  1. Very bright laser light! It is equipped with SD Card. I can download any pictures from pc. Really convenient and worthwhile!!! If you have a coming party, I would like to recommend this!!!

  2. This laser actually works. I just installed it in the party room and everybody who came were really impressed with how simple and great idea it is. Really great!

  3. price all your rgb lasers 5 watt 6 watt 7 watt 8 watt 10watt 15 watt sent to australia price is for 4 units

  4. Can you please send me costs of your laser products and smoke machines.
    Low fog
    Smoke machines
    Haze machines
    Could you send me trade prices in euros please..
    Thank you.

  5. Looking for a device that can trace a laser light line to follow the trim on my house. Instead of hanging Christmas lights I want to draw a line that follows the gables, door trim and window trim on my house.
    I figure I aim the light at end points, enter that point in a program then go to the next point. For display, the system modulates the beam from point to point thus outlining my house with colored light.
    Can you assist with this?

    1. I am interested in designing a laser light show that would outline my house. What do you suggest?

  6. I am interested in your programmable lasers for mobile DJ jobs. Please send me your price info as well as if any warranty is included.

  7. Hey i am interested in the 5 Watts RGB full color Animation programmable laser show light for event and I would like to know your prices. I am located in Costa Rica so I would also like to get to know about your shipping options.

  8. I ordered this for my club and my customers loved it. It was smaller than I expected, but it lights up my whole disco club.

  9. I want know price, give price for different model available with you , any dealer available in india

  10. I am looking for a good dmx laser projector for an upcoming event. It will be an indoor arena and I really like the looks of this 5 watt projector. Can you please send me a price list?

  11. Hello my name is Mike Rumney I would like a price list an catalog if you would be so kind to send it to me via email or call me

  12. I’m starting a small DJ/party hosting business and I’m pricing equipment and seeing what’s available.

  13. Looking for a programmable laser to use for our large fireworks shows and for concert type events

  14. I am looking for lasers for a dj/concert. Please provide me the price for your most affordable product.

  15. Hi looking to start a business relationship. Can you please send your product catalog to my email
    Thank you

  16. I would like to be able to display text as well as designs in my house , what would you recommend and what is the cost

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