RG Moving Head Fat Beam Laser Curtain – BGLN5280RG

beam laser curtain

Beam Laser Curtain BGLN5280RG

Model Number:BGLN5280RG

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  • Big angld scanning,can create laser beam show. Easy to install and operate. Terms of payment: T/T,Western Union or Paypal.Delivery time: 2 to 5 days after received the payment.

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multi head green laser light beam laser curtain lighting

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Model: BGLN5280RG
Moving-Head Fat-Beam Laser RG  4PCS  Red and 4PCS Green  

Functions: With unique moving-head function which distinguishing with other laser curtain, this laser light can display amazing fat beam effects. It has many effects, such as all lasers can be ON/OFF at the same time, rolling the beams one by one/two by two/ four by four, strobe of all beams or one by one, jumping and flowing and laser selection. Fat beam diameter is 1cm to 1.2cm.


Play mode: Sound Active, AUTO, DMX, Master/Slave
DMX512: Six channels control with the function of ‘ BLACK OUT ‘
Laser output:  4X200mW Red+4X 50mW green lasers 
Safety Capacity: Sound active mode with the function of shut-off if there is no music. It is designed according to the security and good performance, which will be safer to human and environment.

Power Supply: Bi-Voltage 110V-240V AC, 50-60HZ, 60W
size: mm N. W: 9.6Kg G. W: 11Kg


1. Single green beam thick flare effect,laser curtain cloth laser eight single point laser formed a set of laser shade, and contains one control box(which contains a receiver and controller).

2. It can demonstrate a variety of beam and formed door curtain effect.

3. When the scanner is breakdown,it can automatic closed laser.

4.The power of each green laser device is 80mw,the wavelength is 532nm.

5.The length of life for light source of the laser device is long, the stability is high which fit the use standard of international laser device.


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