575W Beam Moving Head Light

Model Number: BG-BEAM-575


Quick Details

  • Packaging Detail: carton case or flight case
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets
  • Delivery Detail:3-8 days depend on the order quantity


  • Gobo: 7 gobos +white
  • 7 colors+ white,achieving high speed double way rainbow and scrolling effect.

Specifications of 575W Beam Moving Head Light

200V~240V AC,50/60Hz

Power Consumption:

Light Source:
HMI 575W


8 main colors + 8 mixed colors species, while one-way rolling effect can be used for high-speed

17 fixed gobo+open

rotation 8-face prism,bilateral rottion

Linear adjustment; DMX linear zooming

0-100% mechanical linear dimming (tunable from full blanking to full opening effect)

Head Movement:
Pan 540°, tilt 270° with auto position correction

12CH/16 CH

Beam Angle:
parallel beam angle 0-3.8

Packing size:
520 × 440 × 780mm
Net Weight:
28 /41 kg
Gross Weight:
32/ 45 kg


1-10 times / s ultra-fast strobe effect adjustment.
540 degrees horizontal and vertical 270 degree scanning range, smooth moves, smooth, accurate positioning.
Horizontal and vertical movement position can be precisely adjusted position.
Horizontal and vertical movement position speed adjustable function.
Effects of wheel rotation and location of the moving light swap function (Cast of spot light special effects).
5 beautiful fixed pattern (fixed pattern + white 4).
5 beautiful rotating pattern (based on customer request) .
Rotation pattern can be both positive and negative, speed free adjustment.
Angle of rotation patterns can be individually adjusted (to ensure consistency of design direction point of view).
Electronic auto-focus, clarity of design can be adjusted both near and far.
Magnifying glass and down the color temperature of double effect.
4 convection cooling fans.
Optimize internal air duct way.
Full of good heat, built-in thermal.
Protection, high voltage protection, safe and reliable.
Accepted international standard DMX512 digital signal.
Compliance with various safety standards, IP20 protection class, power lines meet CE20/22 standards.

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  1. Hi I’m interested our products BG Beam 575 so send me a mail this product inr price. Thank you

  2. Hello,
    I saw on your website your models Model Number : BG- BEAM- 575
    I ‘m looking shell cache for my moving head
    is this the model photo
    you have spare parts ?

  3. Looking to add beam fixtures to our Arena. Looking for upwards of 3 dozen units.
    Send me pricing and lets talk.

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