360-degree Analysis of the Professional audio and lighting industry Online Transaction

Recently, it is found that, during the communication process with the senior leadership in audio and lighting companies, we all have a very serious sense of crisis, like all traditional businesses, that the company suddenly could not find the guidepost and do not know how to make the transition, how to take the road to the future when there is increasingly powerful impact of the Internet. Good profits corporate worry about that, and even worse for the bad profit business.

Honestly, a lot of people in the  Moving Head Light  industry understand the principle that no matter how much the hinderances are now, but the professional audio and lighting industry will eventually become Internet-based business. What is a major feature of the Internet-based business? It is online transactions. Some people have called the Internet age is “a stickler actively advocate for their own defense era”. The network consumers, in accepting new things and commodities, are not tend to like passive acceptance and more inclined to actively choose. Especially the goods consumers, once they have the demand, they will immediately search for information about the goods on the Internet. Based on this, how to attract consumers to buy the commodity in the first time has become a problem faced by all companies. However, professional audio and lighting industry is a professional line of products, unlike cosmetic products which once you like it and you could soon place orders, is a system construction.

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First, the concerns from audio and lighting business to making transformation to Internet: at present, many audio and lighting companies are still on the sidelines to sell their products online as there are a lot of concerns and difficulties and the specific performances are: the quotations are too transparent and the prices of audio and lighting products are general lack of transparency. The concern for them is that once business transactions online, the membrane of audio and lighting industry product prices will be pierced. How to maintain unity between Online and offline prices and safeguarding the interests of original dealers are the problems companies need to consider.

Quality problem can not be verified. As said before, audio and laser light show equipment industry is a professional line of products. Especially professional audio products, buyers pay more attention to subjective feelings, but online transaction can not allow buyers to experience debugging, which easily leads to trade disputes. Entrepreneurs have no clear idea on network marketing so as to not invest. For Internet stuff, audio and lighting entrepreneurs are not sure. Many bosses even have no micro-channel or microblogging. They feel no sense of accomplishment of these new things, like a wall in front of them. Risk is their first considerations. Therefore, they are afraid of uncertain investment.

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No guarantee on follow-up services. In the process of interviewing audio and lighting industry distributors, I found the big concern for dealers’ purchasing products online is no guarantee on follow-up services. It is difficult to get in touch with the manufacturers when quality problems occur.Personal information and financial security. This is a problem for all internet online trading industry. Especially for audio and lighting industry, purchase amount will be greater. Therefore there must be secure and reliable online trading platform as a third-party guarantee. Second: Advantages of Internet audio and lighting business transformation.

See numerous transition difficulties and concerns in audio and lighting industry, professional audio and lighting industry do not really fit online deal? The Internet era has come. For the traditional laser light show equipment industry, in conjunction with the Internet is not the problem whether you want, but the problem you have to. As Ma Yun said: “The failure of many people are ignoring, looking down, not understanding and for the new things first sight, a second look down, read the third and fourth too late to catch up new things. And so you want to learn to recognize when someone has been successful.” Traditional business often invisible at first, and then look down, and finally too late for models of the Internet. The Internet model has not really established in professional audio and lighting industry. So companies, which first take the initiative to embrace Internet, will most likely seek out a new path of development and get the valuable opportunity.


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