Phoenix Legend’s concert staged in Qingdao in August

Stage lighting was spotlighted

Singing out loud with fans before the arrival of first performances and blessing.

Before the opening of concert, Legendary Phoenix sent blessing through the newspaper to Qingdao fans and invited fans on August 27 along with “loud singing.” The lead singer of Phoenix Ling, Linghua once said that she and Zeng Yi are very fond of Qingdao city. This tour’s first stop, which is selected in Qingdao, was under careful consideration. In the evening of Aug. 27, she hoped to see the scene of more Qingdao fans and friends, in which everyone can “sang out loud.”

led wash city light

Some fans, who saw the message in advance, said that compared to many concerts advertised exaggeratedly, although the cost of this “small mind” is not high, it transmitted a warm feeling, so they are willing to accept these sincere ” invitation”. Phoenix Legend is an intimate arena team on the stage, but as a cross-regional, cross-national team, Zeng Yi and Ling Hua have many different aspects of personal talent. For this concert, both of them spared no efforts to bring their adept skills to the audience. Zeng Yi also staged a “parody” and imitated superstar Leslie Cheung. Besides, they will sing classic love songs.

Popular stars show their King & Queen’s manner.

Last year, the stage effect in the “lotus pond moonlight Beijing concert” of Pgoenix Legend was elaborated, unique and chic. This year, Linghua and Zengyi are obviously more confident in themselves. They spare no expense to elaborate the concert in every links in order to provide a visual feast for audience. After five years of accumulation, whether Phoenix Legend can take this opportunity of Qingdao concert to accomplish her luxuriant metamorphosis is expected. It is understood that in order to create a perfect artistic of “phoenix legend and sing loudly together” and to present the style of the metamorphosis from both inside and outside, the company specially invite many talented people to make the poster of the concert. From filming, modeling to post-production, each link is expected to be excellent and the image is not as same as the one of last year that adhere to the strong national flavor. On the final version of the poster, female singer, Ling Hua, wore a blue dress and show slender legs with garment waitresses and calm smile who is absolutely beautiful like a angel. Zeng Yi wearing a dark blue suit looks like a gentleman, with arms crossing and sharp look. Matching with the bright flame around two people, the overall style seems mysterious and elegant, which shows the majestic demeanor.

In addition to the elaborated clothing modeling and stage laser show equipment design, concert lighting effects is also a major bright spot The organizers specially invited first-class team in our country and prepared a variety of valuable computer lights, laser lightings, follow spots and strobe lights for going on with moods. Excellent lighting effects will cooperate perfectly with a variety of scenarios and the spot, directed by famous Taiwan designer Lin Chunyu to build a stunning atmosphere. The audience will have a feeling of galloping on the grasslands under the blue sky and white cloud for some time or have a feeling of walking in a small bridge with flowing water in the lotus pond moonlight, which feels like a wonderful journey filling with unbelievable beauty.

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