Starlight LED lamps help large live performance “Impression Wu long”

Large Landscape Virtual show “Impression Wu long” is expected formally staged in October 2011.

The show uses Bomgoo Technology Co., Ltd. Produces,like high-power LED 400W spotlight, LED strip lights, LED three headlights, moving head beam light fixtures, design computer lights, track lights and other green energy-saving lamps.

LED stage lights

“Impression Wu long” is a “Starlight” Following “Impression Wu yi Mountain,” and “Impression Pu tuo” post, together again teamed up to Impression creative company to create a large live performance projects.

In order to achieve a high level and high standards construction requirement of general director Bruce, Starlight has established a services team with strong professional construction and capacity significantly, to provide performance lighting design, lighting installation, supervision and guidance, technical assistance, technical

As the Wu long Mountain is located in mountain fold ecotone of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and Dalou Mountains, meanwhile, according to the chief architect’s requirements, the construction workers will need to install the lamp at a distance of 200 meters height from the main stage. This vision is bold, innovative, and challenging. For this reason, construction workers come together to find solutions to design a feasibility stronger construction program; In addition, the natural conditions of Wu long area is so poor, with warm and humid climate, and more rainy weather, so the moisture resistant ability of the lamp is extremely demanded. To ensure that the lamp can be put to use properly, and make artistic performances to achieve the perfect effect, the company research department developed a series of patented technology to solve the problem of moisture resistance of lamps.

In order to achieve the desired results show, the feasibility of the solution provided by starlight, will together with the Impression creative company to create a strong cultural heritage, and a rich cultural atmosphere “Impression Wu long” for the low-carbon economy and to make a greater contribution to the art lighting.

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