Innovation and R & D is a way to survive of stage laser light

Bomgoo Laser Light Show Manufacturer was founded in 2006, under the guidance of the goal “build international brands, establish a respectable enterprise”, and adhere to “make the world dance ‘responsibility, commitment to innovation, so that rapid increases in the Yellow brand, companies continue steadily.

In the lighting market, Bomgoo laser products on behalf of the “king of cost.” From Hunan dealers Guo said: “The products used Bomgoo in bar, and when opening branch stores, we will continue to use Bomgoo laser light show projector and moving head light.” The user viscosity of Bomgoo lighting products is very strong. Not only a lot of new customers are introduced by old customers, but also cooperation with Bomgoo laser dealers are up to eight years, and it’s enough to see the customer’s trust to Bomgoo light.

wash led stage lighting

In addition to a solid relationship with the dealer, over the years, Bomgoo laser involved in many large projects, its products with high quality lighting effects, excellent stability and lower prices in the market has accumulated a good reputation. Participate in the 24th World University Winter Games, CCTV bilingual New Year’s party, fashion show and other domestic and international large project, each time a wonderful debut, to stabilize its quality, functional, high brightness output, and rich color effects, etc. have won more and more recognition from people in the industry.

Stable user viscosity and good market reputation, can be said the results of Bomgoo laser trough adhering to independent innovation over the years. Turning to the future development, Zhou, general manager of Bomgoo laser in an interview, said, Bomgoo laser in 2014 will continue to focus on R & D double-end LED moving head light and high-power laser light.

In 2013, when, Bomgoo independently developed BG-BEAM-230W LED moving head light beam to create a precedent for the domestic LED Head Light. LED light source, combining the unique double-sided light design, coupled with stepless rotation function, all made this double LED moving head laser beam lamp quickly became a new star product of Bomgoo, and got a good market feedback on the subject when launched just a year’s time.

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