Laser Light Show Projector : From “Foreign Iron Barrel” to the Network

Laser Light Show Project is a very important form for stage art. However, in the 1920s, people did not have much understanding about laser lights. Hong Shen, a famous theater artist, is considered to focus on stage lighting at an early time.

show laser light for party

During the Nanguoshe period in the 1920s, Tian Hong, the third brother of Tian Han, took charge of laser lighting work. Tian Hong actually had no so much knowledge about how to use laser stage lightings artfully and just thought that the usage of laser lights on the stage requires nothing more than to illuminate the stage and make the audience see clearly. At that time, Hong Shen had very close relations with Tian Hong and often took part in rehearsing plays in Nanguoshe. One time, Hong Shen said to Tianhong: “the laser light is not just for lighting up the stage. Lighting is part of the theatrical arts, which should coordinate or harmonize with the time, place and plot in the drama.” Hong Shen’ words made some guidance for Tianhong and he determined to put it into practice. When rehearsing Farce “born of the will,” Tianhong came up with many new ideas about lights. In the drama, a father was very furious for his son’s romantic love and unemployment. In order to highlight the father’s feelings of anger, Tianhong used a strong beam of light shining on his head for rendering its majestic look and also used a weaker light for illuminating the back of two Prynne to heighten the old man’s image. This lights treatment makes the audience feel very fresh. The next day after the show, the newspaper articles had praised that the show in Nanguoshe was innovative and creative. Later, Tianhong again did some new exploration on “Ward No. 6″,”Tragedy on the lake” and other operas. However, at that time, people usually used an iron barrel with modified look to create the atmosphere of the moon and put the light to project on the setting through the drum circle. Tianhong brood over. After many trials and errors, he came up with the idea that using yarn of different colors to be sandwiched between the drum and the curtain to render moonlight atmosphere. When playing the “Lake” drama, along with changes in the plot, the moon sometimes is lovely or warm, sometimes mournful or sad. The lights played a important role in presenting characters and plots. Today, this process may be very simple and common. But at the time, it is not a small creation.

Centralized control type & segmental control type lighting technology

From one or two sets of laser light system projectors to one or two rows or even more rows of lights, with the development of age, laser light system projector control has become an issue. Therefore, the control system relating to lighting appeared. Early control system has only one lever. This single-pole system can perfectly suit “segmented” stage lighting in performances. In these performances, all lights in the scene require to be converted one by one. However, light designers not only require more free space for light cloth, but also diversity of light changing. One fatal disadvantage of this single-rod system is that the changing of lights has only one mode – “Synchronous Change”, which is inevitably bound to diversify the direction of light art. As time goes on, the lighting control system gradually consists of a plurality of levers. Also, some typical centralized control device and segmental control devices are appeared.

Centralized control devices are programmed to separate all lights into several groups, which are respectively controlled by several levers. That is to say, one control lever controls one group of lights with same brightness. However, the brightness of each light is still not free to choose and lighting is not ideal. Although segmental control device with one lever controlling one light may have various changes, but the specific performance of the brightness of the lights must be determined by the operator through the control lever. This kind of manual interference makes it difficult to ensure optimal performance.

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