Bomgoo Launches RGB and Single Green Laser Show Equipments

Laser lights are generally divided into laser lights for industry and laser light for entertainment. Laser light show system has features such as bright colors, high brightness, good point, long range and easy-controlling, which looks more magical and fantastic.

show laser light for nightclub

In the building, parks, squares or theaters, with its high convergence, laser beam can attract people’s attention from a few kilometers away, because the point of issuing from the laser has become the focus of attention. Recently, Bomgoo launches a full-color single green laser dance device. The device supports external PC ILDA jack and is built-in 100 pieces of animation pictures, which particularly strengthens the beam effects, animation effects, text effects and 3D effects. This section of laser light can be achieved advanced light-control technology and high-precision galvanometer scanning animation technology. It has long life, low power consumption and all kinds of designs like broken pen, rotation, zooming, rolling, moving, dot matrix, line matrix and 3D animation. Also, it can make text shows, animated shows, laser light shows and some unique beams for laser advertisements. Its changeable lights effects give people a dazzling visual impact and its authentic animated pictures also shocked people a lot. This full-color single green laser show equipment is made of brushed aluminum chassis material, which can be used in various entertainment places such as DISCO, KTV, bars, nightclubs, clubs, concerts and variety stage.

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