Laser light break through the road: Internet era brand war

2014, is the year of hours. Many business owners in the laser lights left exposed to anxiety When interrogating the sales performance of last year. In the Chinese market, there are many lighting companies quietly become rich, and have many projects of KTV, bar, event engineering. Various audio PK five defeated three, expand marketing map, and small red flags of victory throughout the north and south. But when they want closer, they find it’s stressful: How will translate into sales reputation? How to fight the market share of the brand? In the big gathering of the Chinese market, there is absolutely confused a lot of small and medium enterprises of laser.

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Brand strategy, the dominant thinking in the Internet media fragmentation, under diverse big situation, just use money to achieve victory rate is not high. Around the year of CCTV “Standard King” – Confucian banquet of wine, Qin Chi,Idall, backgammon, panda, are slowly fade from view. Brand strategy is not open around advertising, but ultimately effective dissemination or combination of a range of flexible tactics. Communication pioneer Marshall McLuhan once said, our time, dramatic changes in media communication technology, media of communication are re-shaping and re-build all aspects of the interdependent way of people, and our personal lives. It forces us to rethink almost everything and re-evaluate ideas had been taken for granted, and all acts and all laser show system.

For many businesses, the media’s expansion plans for the development of marketing communication is a challenge: How to use a limited budget to cover a greater number of media? In the circumstances of increasingly fragmented media distribution, information dissemination environment has become increasingly noisy; consumers’ concerns are highly dispersed. If you can not grasp the attention of such divergent characteristics, timely use of new ways to capture the drift attention, the company’s marketing communications will inevitably encounter a lot of resistance. More importantly, more and more consumers to watch advertising spending time as a cost, in this time of cost concept implies that if in a very short period of time, consumers feel that the information content of the ad can not be passed to impress themselves, they will close to receive information in the psychological channel.

During the two-eleven, Jing dong and Su ning attack Tmall pincerly, the Gome attempted to sneak attack, Hua qiang North electronic take firepower to play “punch Ali and Tmall, kicking Jingdong dog” ads in the subway, seeking some solitude defeat posture. Wild grievances day ended, the clouds are cleared outcome. On 12th, Tmall turnover baked, and Jingdong, Suning data with a dystocia, and Huaqiang North electronic had no response. Tmall’s victory is the victory of Internet thinking. The corporate brand strategy laser light is can draw nourishment from this point, because sound businesses rely heavily on Internet publicity.

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