Bomgoo released LED moving head light – “Future Light” BG-BEAM100

Bomgoo recently launched a series of LED Moving Head Light called “Future Light” BG-BEAM100. As small as the BG-BEAM100, Bomgoo “future light” BG-BEAM100 is a 100-watt, four-color LED moving head lights, which are installed color prism. The device allows users to operate their overlapping focalized and color wheel to produce unique color effects.

panel stage led lighting

Even the color wheel assembly and iris diaphragm can also be used to meet the audience’s visual enjoyment, because they not only can produce monochrome, but also can produce color combinations. Which kind of color is generated depends on the mixing function and also depends on whether it is used for the projection, or to creating a hazy effect, or presenting a new screen. Its unique features by mixing red, green, blue and white color makes unlimited color mixing possible. Compared with similar products of colorized glass lenses, its color concentration is deeper and more intense, and its standard color projector is very clear and evenly distributed. As far as the brightness is concerned, DMH-100 is fully comparable with 400-watt discharge lamp. Another double-color wheel can provide a wider projection range.

Another advantage is the excellent process. New Trek power, DMX signals connectors, strong cover and high-quality electronic components, all this makes BG-BEAM100 moving head lights particularly noticeable either for permanent installation or for touring.

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