What is the difference between ballroom lighting and stage lighting

Although the stage lights and ballroom lights belong to the same category of professional lighting, but because they are used in different places and create different lighting effects, stage lighting and ballroom lighting will differ a lot. So, what is the difference?

A: the difference on types of lightings

Stage lighting generally adopts conventional lightings, such as back lights, spotlights, soft lights and astigmatism lights; and the ballroom lighting mainly adopts magic ball, logo lights, lanterns and other conventional lamps. In recent years, high-end places usually use a computer-based lighting, such as scanning lights, moving head lights and laser lights.

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B: the difference on occasions

In theater or performing arts center, a large number of configuration stage lightings should serve for the performances or conferences; in entertainment-oriented places such as Slow Club or dance halls, you should configure the main ballroom lighting.

C: the difference on light cloth

In order to meet the needs of the stage theater focusing on performing arts or conferences, surface light, ear light, side and top light and sky light often should be considered in light cloth. However, in the dance halls or other occasions, we consider more about light colors, patterns and light transformations.

D: the difference on control methods

Stage lighting is generally controlled by dimmer and dimming, which is mainly switching, dimming, color, etc. Ballroom lighting is mainly controlled by switch board or computer console, which mainly operating procedures of color and pattern change

E: the difference on the light source

Stage lighting source are generally reflective bubble, quartz bulbs, strip bubble, which are based on trichromatic lamp. Ballroom lights usually adopt halogen lamps and gas discharge lamp.

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