What are the configurations of professional performance lighting?

Stage lighting is an important part of performance space composition. Is a particular scene laser light show projector and LED par can lights design based on the development of the plot and the characters needed for comprehensive visual environment, and the design intent and purpose to reproduce the visual image to the audiences.

moving heads led lighting

For the light use, you can say that a relatively high degree of specialization, especially in situations requiring high performance. Modeling and rational use of light is directly related to the quality of the program, so in light of sound engineering design and selection are very important. However, since in many cases the use of more casual light, combined with what most people have no concept of high-quality lighting effects, this allows many users and professional designers emphasis on the lighting system was not enough, usually just install some colorful lights on the line, not matter what shape, also it does not matter what type of light, so it create a phenomenon: lighting system to spend a lot, but the lights function is single, narrow range, no features. Visible light problem should be taken seriously enough, the following part of the lighting equipment commonly used as a simple introduction.

Stage lights, in accordance with the position of the stage lighting can be divided into: surface light, sides-lights, raking lights, back lighting lamps, foot lights, astigmatism lights and sky lights. According to the light projection can be divided into: spotlight, floodlight. These lamps play an irreplaceable role in the traditional stage performances, although the modern professional lighting developing very rapidly, but the traditional stage lighting atmosphere in contrast, enhanced performance and appeal of the shape and background color, shading, etc. and there are other places that others couldn’t compare. Therefore, the traditional stage lighting and control laser show equipment technically is constantly evolving. On the spotlight, is divided into return light, lens spotlights and track lights, and the specific use in the project, generally in accordance with the size of the stage. Layout and lighting projection distance divided: Par36, Par46, Par56, LED Par can 64, 1000W, and 2500w follow spot, and the other specifications. The consistent features are: strong directional, long light range, and can clearly show the contours and boundaries of illuminated objects. Usually used for: surface light, chasing light, sides-lights, raking light and dance floor lights in the rain, etc.; For floodlight, the specific use in the project, divided into 500w, 750W, 1000W and so on.. They have a light uniformity, large projection area, and soft light features. It’s commonly used for: backdrop of sky and ground which need large area lighting applications. If the grades on the product concerned, in general engineering projects, the using of domestically produced high-quality products should meet the requirement. If it is more upscale project, you can use foreign famous brands, such as: British Pulsar, Italy Claypaky, etc., but the price will be much more expensive than domestic equipment.

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