Bomgoo effort to help the world’s largest marine theme park opening

The world’s largest marine theme park – Zhuhai Chang long Ocean Kingdom opened its doors on January 28, the majority of tourists have an addition of a good place for Chinese New Year.

As a major project of Heng qin development of leisure tourism industry, the marine kingdom Chang long use a world vision to plan the construction of a global vision, creating a world’s No.1.

moving heads for party

The ocean is full of dreamy atmosphere is the design features of Chang long Ocean Kingdom.

The project has created a lot of No. ones in the industry’s, and the central lake is one of the most shocking and unique performances.

Bomgoo won a depth of approval and recognition of Chang long Group, with its stable quality, perfect function, rich color effects, etc.

In addition to the perfect debut of Chang long Circus Theatre,

in the performances of marine kingdom center lake, Bomgoo lighting of moving head lights, laser show system, BG330W, BG320B, vividly showed a dynamic and sporty appearance of sea world, which bring viewers fantastic visual experience, and the audience were pleasantly surprised, and shouted ticket value!

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