How to Create a Brilliant Stage Effects with moving head lights

With the rapid development of computer technology, the term “computer lights” has been known by many people in less than a decade. Meanwhile, scanners have become independent from traditional lamp lighting. Supported by powerful computer control technology, computer lights are giving a fresh feel in many ways such as color, projection range, lighting changes and patterns. Many effects the traditional lighting is difficult to achieve or even can not achieve. The computer lights find it very easy to complete, and the operation is more convenient. Computer lights can be divided into ordinary computer lights and computer effects lights. Difference between ordinary computer lights and computer effects lights is that: ordinary computer lights have more function and work more precisely. Its headlight has purer color, which could help to perform part of the stage lighting. Computers effect lights have many kinds of patterns, simple control, which can create better stage or field effect. In terms of using bulbs, computer lights are also different. According to the form of light-emitting, power, light bulbs material, computer lights can be divided into many types.

moving heads for KTV

According to computer power, light can be divided into 150W, 200W, 250W, 300W, 400W, 575W, 1200W, and other specifications. There are so many manufacturers of computer lights, but manufacturers, who have stable-quality and powerful products, are mainly concentrated in the United States and Europe, especially in Italy, where some of the computer lights are very famous in the world.

General computer lamp brands are Clay-paky brand, Studio – Due cards, Sagitter cards, High – BOMGOO brand etc.

Lighting control equipment at an earlier time mainly refers to the using of rheostat, reactance and stage lighting transformer switching and dimming control. But the technology is relatively backward, the volume is bulky and not very easy to operate and often several people needed to complete the work together. With the development of semiconductor technology and electronic integration technology, lighting control equipment has been a breakthrough in technology. Its features improved a lot, the operation becomes extremely simple and the volume is also getting smaller and smaller. The current lighting control devices, in the aspect of type, have been divided into: point control units, analog dimming, dimming computers, computer dedicated digital dimming lights and other series. From the aspect of light path controlled, modern dimming sites has developed into hundreds or even thousands of controllable optical path From the functional point of view, It has developed into a powerful control system of grouping, pre-selection, program and voice. The power component part has been independent from the console and developed into silicon thyristor switch boxes with different ones, different currents and small volume, which makes the device more orderly, easier to control, simpler to operate. Products the general sound engineering commonly used are easy to operate, compact, affordable, and has few light paths. For larger gigs, the large dimming with good stability, intuitive operation, more optical light paths and perfect function are commonly used. Dimming brands commonly used in engineering and performances are Pulsar computer lights dimming, SGM dimming, Colortran dimming, TL dimming and Jands dimming. Our country also produces cheap and simple small functional dimming, but they are generally used in ordinary small occasions.

The above described main fixture can meet the basic requirements for most occasions. However, with further demands on the environment and entertainment lighting, some auxiliary lighting and sound engineering began in use, especially in the entertaining dance hall for creating unique effect. More lighting in general engineering are violet lights, strobes, LEI tubes and laser lights. Especially due to the use of laser light, people’s perception on light has a new understanding. Its wonderful effect and constantly changing shape all give people a sense of novelty. But because of its high cost, projectors also meet troubles. Finally, it is the hood. For current sound engineering, Do not forget to choose the hood. In fact, the hood used in the earlier stage, as the special effects devices in a dance hall or concert, can be said to an alternatives ice machine. However, as more and more lighting products are applied to sound engineering, especially in entertainment applications, it was found that fumes created by Hood are setoffs for light colors and light beam, so now dance halls and even a variety of theatrical performances all need the use of smoke. There are two types of stage smoke and spray snow machines: small-size machine including 1000W, 1500W series and various other models; large size including 2000W and 4000W.

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