Tips on Lighting Maintenance

How to properly use and clean in daily life

In order to avoid possible danger, you need follow these tips: firstly, you should read tags and installation instructions carefully before you install the lights; then, follow the instruction for installation and using.

Prompt replacement when problem happens.

Source parameter markers provide timely replacement of aging lamps. When the lamp was found that both ends are red, or lamp surface is black, or a shadow appear, or the lamp no longer flicker , it signifies the replacement should be done immediately to prevent such insecurity problem like ballast burnout.

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Do not change the structure of the light

Do not change the structure of the light and replace the light units when cleaning and maintenance. After cleaning and maintenance, the fixture should be installed properly, no omissive or wrong lighting components.

Do not frequently putting on light

Do not frequently putting on light because at the moment of frequent start, current lighting the current through the filament is greater than normal working hours, so that the filament temperature will rise sharply, which may greatly reduce its lifespan.

Maintaining lights correctly

Strengthening maintenance is needed in order to prolong its life. Often wipe lights with a dry cloth, and pay attention to moisture from outdoor, because for a long time, it may cause lights corrosion or leakage short circuit; lights installed in the toilet or bathroom should be fitted with lampshade to prevent moisture, otherwise it will greatly shorten its lifespan. Lights installed on the kitchen should be paid particular attention to prevent smoking, because the accumulation of grease will affect the brightness of the lamp; Light lampshades have better transmittance, but are easy to acuminate dust. So it needs cleaning frequently in case of affecting the penetration of light. For non-metallic fixtures, you can wipe it with a damp cloth to prevent dust accumulation.

Moisture can easily lead rust and paint falling, which will also shorten lamp’s lifespan. Therefore, moistureproof is the key point for lighting maintenance. Especially for those lights installed in the bathroom and kitchen, lampshades must be installed to prevent moisture in case of corrosion damage or short circuit leakage.

For home lighting, you had better not to use water to clean, but just wipe them with a dry cloth moistened with water.

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