Promote combination of creative lighting and traditional culture

In recent years, cultural innovation has been a common theme, but according to five thousand years of history in China, can truly appear on the stage with refreshing form is not so much, and to get public recognition is even more difficult. The reason is, first, in terms of equipment and technology, be able to build such a big production Hollywood movie scenes did not come easily; Second, even if those devices have technology international brands, it may not be a good show Chinese culture, because of the differences between domestic and foreign cultures to understand each other easily cause dislocation. Does that mean the high-tech just can parallel with their traditional culture? Facts have proved that, just find a suitable spot, the combination of technology and culture often could have a good collision of a chemical reaction.

led wash beam moving heads

Use technology to create a Chinese culture with the culture of light show.

2013 National Day, the Great Wall of Nanjing old door Dongming become a beautiful landscape. Bricks crashed after being pushed off, a dragon vigorous swim, followed by falls from heaven the moment, dragon reveal layers of waves. Just worried about the audience for the old city walls, the screen is switched to the old children’s game Hopscotch Nanjing, roll hoop, as well as “repair hoop bed” bursts yell. There are more surprise to the audiences, taking pictures wall, the wall changes drumming fun and interactive control. This magnificent wall of the overall projection solutions 4D light show is designed by Lifeng, and the total design of the projection area is ??approximately 1,000 square meters. During eight days at the time of this culture, as the theme to the show in Nanjing Nanjing old East Gate to bring more than 300,000 passenger flow volume, which the most listened is evaluate fresh, stylish, and reminiscence of old Nanjing culture.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of lighting technology, stage performance lighting equipment is no longer simply a “virtuoso”, and more importantly, to interpret art and culture through high-tech means. Naked eye 3D, or current 4D light show, the maximum resistance encountered when pushing into the market outside, in addition to equipment and technology, the biggest problem is the difficulty to achieve creative idea. Because an excellent 4D show project will include two major aspects of hardware and software systems. After years of development, hardware system has been basically mature relatively, and the largest short board of the software system is the creative thinking of design and ultimate presentation effect of software. In the domestic market, the audience curious about new things on the one hand, on the other hand there is a tolerance range of performances content and degree of recognition. In the introduction of new technology means also have to consider whether the audience could accept in a short period of time show.

If the hardware system is belong to equipment and technology area, the whole show planning and creativity are on the part of the cultural context.

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