Stage lighting effects and classification

Stage lighting has a very important role in the modern stage performances: first,lighting show, the performers and the audience to see the image of the scene;Second, the guiding vision of the audience; Third, creating characters, express feelings and show stage illusion; Fourth, to create the space required of the play environment; Five, rendering the play atmosphere; Sixth, the display time and space conversion, highlighting dramatic conflicts and strengthen arena rhythm, rich artistic appeal, sometimes coordinate with stage stunt.

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Lighting can be divided into floodlights, spotlights and slide three categories by optical structures; classified by the place of mounted on the stage, there are surface light, sides, feet, light, light column, top row of light, sky row light, the light and the flow light. Stage lighting as an important part of the performance, on the one hand the need to design equipment of professional and technical personnel, and on the other hand, a wide range of professional stage lighting with different features are also very important.

Spotlight: Spotlight: refers to the use of condenser lenses or mirrors and other fixtures. In general, the lighting will be made ??of high quality aluminum alloy shell, advanced and reasonable optical design, light weight, small size, projected light, soft, evenly distributed spot, large spot adjustment range of features. Spotlight can be projected highly directional beam. It can produce a very bright light areas and lines of high distinctive tone darker shaded area. Only patients with some spotlight you can create fetching dramatic effects.

Spotlight on the stage lighting is the most widely used one of the main kinds of lights, the current market 1KW, 2KW, 2KW to the most widely used. It focused light irradiation spot clearer outline of the edge, to highlight a local. Spot lighting can also magnify an area, mainly as a stage light, commonly used in surface light, sides, raking light, and other optical bit.

soft light

soft light: Soft light means there is no obvious soft light shadows, adapted to reflect the shape and color of the object, giving a sense of gentle and delicate photographic lights. Soft light can break out the flash light becomes soft, to make the picture look more natural. Its principle is to direct light through stiff flash temperature of translucent plastic, change into the soft diffuse light, thereby eliminating the high spot on the subject, restore the most natural object images.

The light of soft light is soft and symmetry, both prominent some part of, and no stiff spot, to facilitate a few lights to convergence. Common used are 0.3KW, 1KW, 2KW, etc. Used for column light, flowing light and other light bit of close range.

Back light

Back light: Back light with modular metal reflector and featured with cast away far, high illumination, hard light characteristics. Such lamps are divided into medium-range and short-range back light back light. No back light in front of the lens, the light is completely on the back of a large mirror shot, with the same 2KW bulb, the brightness is brighter than the condenser, and it’s used when to show strong light and brightness on the stage. The effect is better than other lamps, especially the strong beam.

Back light is a reflection of the lamp, which features a light of hard, high illumination and long range, is an economical, efficient and bright light. The most common used are mainly 0.5KW, 1KW, 2KW, so as to use up to 2KW.


Astigmatism lights: Astigmatism is usually caused by light metal reflector (usually after processing to produce soft diffuse reflection) and soft glass, and featured with diffuse light, both said, a large projection area. Astigmatism lights are divided into sky row floodlight and ground row lights and backdrop (cloud lamp) three series, used to light backdrop, and can also be used for general lighting theater podium. Light body of Floodlight and from high-strength, lightweight aluminum alloy steel, surface coated with silicone paint for high temperature coating, heat lamps have frosted glass front set pieces, making a uniform light distribution.

modelling light

Modeling lamp: It is a special fixture between chasing lights and spotlight, mainly for the characters and scenery modeling projection.

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