Techniques and Taboos of Stage Lighting Controlling

In the state of cold light bulb, suddenly putting on lights may cause the light broken or cause tungsten blown.

(1) In the process of producing lights, the glass shell may inevitably unevenly thickness, which can cause unevenly heating phenomenon. The light’s suddenly putting on will cause the temperature of glass shell to instantly heat up, just like an empty glass filled with boiling water.

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(2) In the cooling process after the lights stops work, it will absorb water molecules in the air and the water molecules will remain gathered in the bulb glass shell. When you suddenly put on the light bulb, the glass of water molecules on the shell just likes hot water in a pan. It is inevitable that the bulb will break..

(3)Suddenly putting on lights can cause momentary surge current (elevated), which can easily cause tungsten lamp off.

Operation Tip: When the lamp is in the cold state (before opening the front), you should push the fader console slightly (often said calender state), so that micro-light bulb can be in the warm-up state, heat evenly and evaporate water molecules on the bulb glass shell. A few minutes after the warm-up state, pushing the light to a brighter state, and then after a few minutes warm-up, you can push the light into complete bright state.

You are forbidden to open the silicon box power under the complete bright state, which can cause the bulb damaged, too. The correct operation is that turning off the dimmer fader, and then opening the power line silicon box At the time of the switching device, do not reverse the order of the light control box and silicon power stations. When power is turned on, first turning on the light console’s power and then opening the box of silicon power; when power is turned off, turning off the power silicon case first, and then turning the power light console off. If you reverse the order of operations, it will affect the lifespan of the light. Do not shaking lights with large movements when lights are lighting, which causes tungsten wire fell down.

When the light lights, the temperature gradually increasing, due to the influence of gravity, tungsten will accordingly becomes soft. (If the bulb is not using the screw-shaped tungsten filament, such phenomenon is particularly evident). At this time, you should not shake lamps with big movement until the lights completely cool.

5, Do not touch the bulb directly with your hand when replacing lights, because it will affect the finish of the bulb, as well as causing other hidden hazards leading to the bulb Decrepitation.

(1) Grease in you hands or friction between your finger and the glass surface will leave “imprint”, which can also affect the bulbs finish and transparency and the normal illumination of the lamp.

(2)Do not touch the light with your sweat fingers, because salt molecules will absorb water molecules in the air. If there is water on the bulb when the bulb heats up, it is easily broken.

Operating tip: When replacing the lamp, be sure to wear gloves, and then touch the bulb. If no gloves, available sponge bulb packaging, soft tissue paper or plastic wrap, and then install it. After installation, you must remember to take down these inclusions in case of a fire at the time of pushing light bulbs.

7. Don’t forget to install protective nets when having installed the same color changer. Protective nets are used to prevent the burning bulbs from hurting people or damaging products.

8, Keep a distance between flammable curtain and light source Many years ago, a school show caused hundreds of deaths and injuries in the Northeast, because the light curtain was fired. Therefore, to maintain a certain distance between the light and the light curtain is very important. The direct distance between 300W lamps and curtain is no less than 3cm. The distance between side lamps, tail and curtain (standstill) is no less than 2m. If the swing amplitude of curtain is large, it is possible close to the lamps. The metal isolation network had better be set up in the middle of lamps and curtains to prevent fire when the curtain rests on lights. For lamps with 500W or more, direct distance between curtain and light is more than 5m; distance between the side, rear and curtain is more than 3m.

9. Do not install lighting power, which exceeds the power required by the manufacturers. Each loop on lighting dimmer about the power carried is described in detail in the instructions. Generally speaking, each carrying power circuits have 1KW, 2KW, 3KW, 6KW. Take 6KW as an example, the SCR, also known as solid-state relays, inside the silicon is 60A. By calculations, it can carry power of 13.2KW. There is so much power space, so it can be installed the lights with 6KW power in this loop. It is unreasonable to only consider the current light bulb momentarily generated by the fuse.

10, Should not cause phase imbalance when connecting load. As you know, input power of the lights dimmer mostly is the three-phase four-wire system. When the lighting load is connected to the silicon box, if without distribution, then it may cause unbalanced three-phase phenomenon. Therefore, when the lights are put on, you’ll feel the difference between light’s brightness and darkness.

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