The difference between oving head lights and par lights

In the arena, in order to create the perfect performance, it needs the integration of the various configurations. Stage lighting equipment, music, drama, etc., which require mutual cooperation, mutual harmony can then to give the audience a different visual enjoyment, while the stage lights device is particularly important, and it is a shocking strong driving force.

Among the stage lighting equipment, there are many different types of stage equipment, including moving head lights, LED moving head lights, high power LED, laser lights and other lighting accessories. Then among these light fittings, what are the differences between moving head lights and par lamps? Par light, generally refers to P64 stage lighting, which is usually fixed, and lamp base of stage lighting equipment can be mounted with color paper, or color changer. While the moving lights are generally known as moving head lights, you can set a variety of patterns. It can convert constantly with the rhythm of the music transformation. In addition, P64 the price is almost a few times, ten times and even a hundred times more expensive than P64.

wash led moving head

As the most widely used stage lighting equipment, computer Lighting has used in many fields, whether it is TV shows, stage performances, exhibits show etc., you can see the extensive use of computer Lighting accessories. Moving Head Light is a high-tech products integrated with electron, machinery, photology. A qualified moving head lights, must be stable and reliable, with high luminous efficiency, positioning accuracy, good heat dissipation. The lighting equipment and light body material structure can meet the requirements to ergonomic, and color, speed, direction, effects, heat, noise, location and other elements.

Head Light and Par lamps are all designed to highlight the different functions, and have different charm in different stages, different scenarios, thus to increase stage effects.

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