Fire Safety Standards for Stage Lighting Design

In the Auditorium decoration, the most important thing is stage lighting design. Lighting design stage is supposed to ensure not only gorgeousness but also to ensure that the stage lighting design has achieved fire safety standards.

Some fire safety issues in stage lighting design:

inside led moving head light
Article 1: In the Auditorium stage decoration or when lifting a temporary lighthouse, one should get the approval of the construction department about load capacity and load-bearing component. Towering lighthouse landing tend to have a center of gravity to prevent the installation of lighting fixtures and standing side operator side and dumping measures occur. There should be some measures for towering lighthouse to prevent the gravity from dumping to the side of the installation of lighting fixtures and operator side.

Article 2: Auditorium stage lighting should be installed on the base, which is not easy to ignite. It should be noted that the distance from pitch to the screen and other combustible textiles is more than half a meter. Lamps front spacing should be greater than 1.5 meters. And you should also fully estimate the pitch influenced by lifting the curtain, opening and closing, moving and swinging lamps and other natural airflow. Measures should be taken when it does not meet safety spacing insulation. As the distance between column of light and the curtain becomes closer, you should set a fixed metal grille blocking bracket or close the curtain fixtures.

Third: In the stage decoration design, decorative lighting should avoid regional banner hanging, firing ribbons, flying balloons and other air moving objects in order to prevent these items directly contact with high temperature lamps to cause fires.

Four: In the Auditorium stage lighting design, if there are flammable materials under the light, then it should be installed galvanized wire fence vents or baffles ??of non-combustible material, in order to reduce the damage caused by the glass fragments and hot filament splash.

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