Species of Laser Light

Stage laser light can automatically play a rhythm with the music of various laser beams, laser patterning, laser writing products. It is commonly used to increase the atmosphere of a new product in many places such as stages, dance halls, bars, KTV, family party and so on. Specific models are single green animation laser light, color / three color / mixed color / full color laser light, firefly laser light and animation laser light; taking the number of laser head as standard, the stage laser light can be divided into single head laser light, green-headed laser lights and four head green laser light; It is called high-power laser light laser when lights and power sizes are more than 1W. The greater the power;the higher the laser brightness, the sharper the images, but the price also more expensive.

high power green show laser

Laser light classification (animation laser , special laser and ordinary laser etc.)

Animation laser light Full functions; supporting text and animation playback; the pattern can be changed and can be presented clearly. SD1392WRGB animation laser, SD1381WRGB animation laser and SD093 green animation laser are some of our animation laser lights.
Features supporting text and animation playback and color changing; supporting software like Pagolin﹑Phoenix﹑Oracle; the built-in procedures and PC control can automatically change turn; PC can control the maximum 16 online synchronous operation; the laser scanner can automatically turn off when failure appears. Control mode Sound mode, self-propelled mode, DMX512 control mode, PC control
Demonstration effect It can perform a variety of beams, complex patterns or graphics, animation and even text. It can “break pen”, rotate, overturn, mobile, zoom, stretch, plot, gradually draw, strobe and have the effect of 3D animation. With smoke, you can create unlimited virtual magical effect.
Special laser effect Features A fixed pattern set in the system and you can represent the fixed pattern, but it does not support text or animation. Such mode like SD131 firefly laser, SD135 laser curtain and so on.
(2) Control mode
Sound mode and self-propelled mode
(3)Demonstration effect
It can perform intrinsic pattern , graphics and beams. For example, SD131 Firefly laser can demonstrate such dynamic images like shine, meteor rushing, glamorous pattern fireworks filled the magnitude and Firefly. SD135 laser curtain can demonstrate such effects like strobing, discontinuous gradient, laser curtain “opening” and “closing”.
Ordinary laser Features Simple beam and color deduction. No animation or special pattern effects. Program can be built, voiced or self-propelled.
Demonstration effect It can create a radiant, mysterious and colorful laser show effects by combining the smoke in beam and color presentations. Such modes like SD110B small green laser, SD053 double green laser.

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